How to Delete a Whatsapp Group Permanently

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The ‘WhatsApp groups’ is one of the most used features of WhatsApp. We have different types of groups on WhatsApp.

We have family groups, we have our school friends group, we have our college friends group, we have our colleagues group and what not.

Even I am not aware of how many groups I am a part of, so I have this policy of mine, where I delete or exit a group if it sends me a photo of flowers with good morning written on it.

And whatever your reason maybe. In this article, I am going to talk about how we can delete a WhatsApp group permanently.

How to delete a group as a participant

You may have been added in a random group by someone and some point, and if you do not want to be a part of it, you can simply delete the WhatsApp group.

What you will have to do is, tap on the group name that appears on the top bar, tapping on the group name will take you to the group settings, where you have the option to mute notifications, set custom notifications, and see all the participants in the group.

And below the participants, you will find the option to exit the group. When you tap on the ‘Exit group’ option, you will have to confirm that you want to exit.

Once you do, that you will be able to see, ‘Delete group’ option appear in place of ‘Exit group’.

Once you tap on ‘Delete group’ the group will be deleted for you and will also remove the chat history of the group from your phone.

Keep in mind: This will only delete the group from your mobile phone, and the group is not affected at all, all the existing members would continue to be the participant of that group and interact with each other. They will simply receive a notification in the group saying that you have left.

Delete a WhatsApp group as an Admin

If you are an Admin of a group and you want to delete it from existence, which means you want to delete the entire group and do not want anybody to interact in it then here is how you can do it.

Again, tap on the group name and go to the group settings, and start removing the participants one by one from the Participants section. Simply tap on individual names or numbers and then tap on remove.

Continue doing that until you have removed each and every participant from the group. Once it is only you left, rest of the process is similar to the above method of deleting a group as a participant, that is, tap on the ‘Exit group’ confirm, and then tap on ‘ Delete group’.

This will make sure no one else is left in the group and the group will be deleted permanently.

What happens when you exit the group without removing by participants?

If you decide to delete the group without removing anyone, it will be just like deleting the group from your phone as a participant, and the group will remain functional.

If there are other Admins of the group they will be able to control like they were doing earlier. And if you were the only Admin, the Admin rights would be a randomly given to one of the participants after you have left the group.

Can you delete everyone from the group without Admin rights?

The rights of Adding and removing participants is only given to Admin, so you cannot remove anyone from WhatsApp if you are not the Admin which means you will only be able to delete the WhatsApp group from your own phone is not from everybody is else’s.

So this is how you delete a WhatsApp group in different scenarios. If you are ready Admin or you are just participant I hope this gives you a clarity on this topic and you find this article useful.

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