How do I recover data (photos and other files) from my lost phone?

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Our smartphones are actually the device is where we have most of our precious memories saved, because of the fact we use our phone’s camera to take pictures make videos, we even have the conversations in instant messaging Apps that are worth saving.

So recovering them back not just in case of getting your phones stolen, but in other scenarios as well.

But before we get started with this article I would like to mention that if you have already lost your smartphone then is there is very little you can do to get your data back, but you can still read the article to know what things you had enabled and what are the things that you can get back.

And I would recommend that you enable all these things so that the next time it happens to you, you will be able to recover as much data as possible.

Recovering your contacts

Recovering your contacts is easy on smartphones because of the features like always on Sync, which makes it possible for the smartphone to see every data in the cloud.

If you are using an Android phone and have added Google account, the sync will be enabled by default do not disable it if you want to keep the contact saved and synced to google account.

The contacts synced to the Google account can be accessed either from computer or another device where the Google account is added.

Recovering photos and videos

I would recommend using Google photos and enable the auto sync on which will make it possible for the smartphone to back up every photo and video that you take from your mobile phone.

By default, the backup and sync work on Wi-Fi connection but you can also enable it for mobile data if you have got an unlimited data pack.

Even if you keep it enable for just the Wi-Fi, the phone will make sure it will backup each photo and video from your phone when it gets connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Good news is that Google Photos offers unlimited Storage for photos and videos. And you have also the option to select other folders other than the camera folder if you want to sync photos from messaging apps such as WhatsApp Facebook messenger etc.

Recovering your instant messages.

Is smart messaging app that is available for smartphones has this functionality of taking a backup of the messages. Like in WhatsApp you can take a backup of your messages to Google Drive.

This will help you restore the messages on WhatsApp when you install it on another phone.

Use cloud apps like Dropbox and Google drive for saving important files.

Another thing you can do is keep your important files saved in either Dropbox or Google drive which will sync them to the cloud so that they are available on any device since the services are multi-platform you can access the files from an iOS device, a Windows PC, or a Mac.

Other things such as the installed apps on your phone, you can get a list of the installed phones from the Play Store so that you can install them again.

Keeping everything synced to the cloud will ensure that you are able to recover as much data as possible in case of your phone getting lost or destroyed I hope you find this article useful you can read more article on

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