How to take a screenshot on a Chromebook

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Taking screenshots is a part of any workflow that requires research. This is why every computer system has a native solution to taking screenshots.

We have talked about how to take screenshots on a Mac, we have also talked about how to take screenshots on a Windows PC. So, in this article, we are going to show you how you can take a screenshot on a Chromebook laptop.

How to take the screenshot of the entire screen

To take the screenshot of the entire visible screen on your Chromebook laptop, you can press the control key with the switch window key.

Hint: The control key would be on the bottom left-hand side, and the switch window key would be in the top row.

How to take the screenshot of a part of the screen

If you want to take a screenshot of a Chrome app window, you can press the Control key + Shift key + Switch window key.

Using this key combination will let you select the portion of the screen to take the screenshot.

When you take the screenshot using this native method, you can easily see the result being a popup from the bottom right-hand side area, just like it happens on the Android devices.

You can find the screenshot files in your download folder of the Chromebook laptop.

These screenshots will be in PNG format, which might make the files a little heavy. You can either convert it into a JPG file to reduce the size by up to 50% using an image editing chrome extension.

If you’re looking for a more improved solution with features like the ability to make some edits to the screenshots, like adding arrows, or highlighting, or writing something on them, you can check out the Nimbus Chrome extension.

It is a little Chrome extension that sits beside the address bar of your Google Chrome browser so that you can easily take screenshots of web pages and unknown at them faster.

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