7 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone for Tracking Home & Gym Workouts

What’s the best way to get in shape? The answer is simple: follow a fitness plan. Want to know how to lose weight in just 10 minutes a day? There are plenty of fitness apps for iPhone that can help. Whether you’re looking for a fun and fast workout, or just need some inspiration, we’ve got the app for you.

Apps like Sworkit and Fitocracy offer workouts that can be completed in as little as 10 minutes per day.

Workouts are essential, and ensuring that you are on the right track and performing as you desire is equally critical.

Working out without understanding how you perform is like shooting in the dark and expecting a bull’s eye hit.

iPhone users can use the diverse apps for tracking workouts available in the Apple Store. Here are a number.

7 Minute Workout for Home Workout

Usually, people who make excuses about not having time to work out don’t have the motivation to work out at all.

But if you genuinely do not have time for going to the gym and want to get in shape or live a fit lifestyle, you should move your body.

The 7-minute workout is an app that gives 14 exercises you have to do in 7 minutes. Each exercise has 20-25 seconds and 5 to 10 seconds between them.

Although it might sound easy, it is not, and that’s a good thing. Because under 7 minutes, it will let you do and intensive workout, which will make you feel good throughout the day.

One 7 minute workout is called One circuit, and you can do as many if you reach to a comfortable level.



A significant fitness app for iPhone users that allows tracking of various measurements.

The app also comes with a comprehensive workout database you can make the most of right away.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal


This app lets you track your caloric intake all day, including steps through the motion M8 sensor, including water intake, weight and exercise.

In the end, you will end up with a good understanding of where your health is headed considering the app also has a feature for a comprehensive food diary.

Pump Weight

As a personal trainer, you need an app capable of helping you to track your clients’ workouts.

Pump Weight does this impressively and comes with useful timers and over 70 workouts.



From bodybuilders to ordinary people interested in tracking their workouts and remaining as healthy as possible.

JEFIT is a wonderful way to approach fitness. The app comes with a routine planner for diverse workouts including a system logging worth writing home about. Within the JEFIT’s app is a huge database with diverse exercises and workouts worth making the most of.

Gym Hero

Gym Hero

One of the essential things in any workout routine is tracking. You need to know how you are doing and that all your efforts are not lost.

The Gym Hero lets you track each routine in your workout and offers an additional compatibility feature with Runkeeper and social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.

Workout Trainer

Chances are you are thinking about a quick way of getting into shape.

This app helps you in this regard. There are premium and free workout plans in their thousands accessible through the application and also comes with reminders just to ensure you do not forget anything.

Map My Run

With this app, you can keep track of your workout sessions, from cycles to runs, with details about distance covered, run periods and maps.

You can also track other workout activities through the app, such as stair climbs, hiking, mountain biking, sprints, trail runs, etc.

With this app, you have an easy way of tracking diverse daily workouts at any time.

The app allows you to time your exercises, record your weekly activities, and listen to a custom playlist on your iPhone.


There are many different types of fitness apps for iPhone. These apps can help to give you a better understanding of your health and fitness. If you’re looking to get in shape, these apps will be a good place to start.

The end: Find an app that suits your needs and lifestyle and download it to your iPhone today.