Should you install Google Chrome 64 bit or Google Chrome 32 bit on Your Laptop?

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Whenever I buy a new Windows Laptop, I open Internet Explorer and Download Google Chrome. I recently found that Google Chrome now offers a 64bit version, I downloaded it. Though there is no visual difference between the 64 bit and the 32 bit, I thought it would be a good idea to mention the differences between the two version to let others know if it’s really worth installing the 64 bit Google Chrome.

With the release of Google Chrome 64-bit version, Google was seeking to increase speed, security and stability of the Chrome browser. Why a 64-bit Chrome? Firstly, processors running 64-bit are much faster in contrast with 32-bit ones and a browser that makes the most of this is always in order.

Google claims to have rolled out the 64-bit’s Chrome because they had observed a 25 percent improvement on average in terms of performance mostly on visual elements.

Improved security

Another reason for the introduction of 64-bit Chrome is the fact that Windows systems running on 64-bit are considered to be much better in terms of security in contrast with 32-bit systems.

The new Chrome for 64-bit users was using features from Windows 8 towards making it impossible for hackers to attack computer processes. Google has also claimed that 64-bit Chrome does not crash as much as the Chrome made for 32-bit users-wonderful news considering the low rate of crashing for both.

HTML5 Tests

HTML5 tests to weigh in on the compliance of both 64-bit and 32-bit Chromes showed identical or almost similar results. With most videos and cool effects on the internet running through HTML5, if a browser supports more of these the best the web experience.

It is worth noting that while the Chrome 64-bit and 32-bit are virtually identical in their HTML5 support, they outperform other commonly used web browsers.

Essentially, both Window versions in terms of performance rendering of a webpage and speed are very close and seemingly have no difference.


Security and stability of a browser are critical. In matters stability, the best one can do is to believe Google, considering that testing such a feature can take a very long time. However, performance measurement mostly on JavaScript functionality including the ease of handling common functions on JavaScript has indicated that the 64-bit Chrome is a little bit better by about a single percentage.

In terms of security as already mentioned, 64-bit Chrome is much better. It means that as Chrome 64-bit uses 64-bit processing effectively it is a better choice due to its protection against hacker attacks. 64-bit processors are much faster.

Ordinary users might not notice the difference

Of all the tests done to weigh in on the Chrome 32-bit and Chrome 64-bit and which you should use, the important thing is to look at the big picture on each version. It means if you are processing with 64-bit you have a powerful browser and more secure while at it.

Most of the differences between the two are very minimal and most average users will not decipher them, considering Chrome browsers are very effective and fast than most common web browsers.

After the unpopular Internet Explorer, only Google Chrome has a stable browser for 64-bit systems. While the differences and strengths might never be felt by ordinary users, the extra benefits such as better security, speed and stability make an upgrade to 64-bit worth it.

Anyone who loves watching HD videos and playing games through Google Chrome might want to upgrade as soon as possible.

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