How to Unblock Websites at School or Office Network

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Anwer Khan
Anwer Khan
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I love the places where the Internet is free. I loved it in School and I loved in Office. But many schools and office use software to block certain websites. You know, the ones with adult content.

Because, well, you will obviously not be able to focus on work or study.

But many networks also block Social Networks and Video streaming sites.  Life becomes tough when Facebook or Tumblr do not open for a moment, imagine to live with The internet which does not let you open you favourite sites?

So, we are putting every damn way to access the websites, specifically the Social network sites while you are on your school or office network.

Access Blocked Websites using the Cached Method

Most most networks will allow you to search for something on Google. But when you click on the website from the search results, it would be blocked.


What you can do here is, to click on the ‘Cached’, Google will render the cached version of the website from their own servers, meaning you can possibly view the website content.

Access Blocked Websites with Google Translate

The another method is also using Google’s another product called Google Translate. The objective of this method is to visit your website via the servers of Google.


To make that happen, open Google Translate and put some other language (other than the website’s language) in From and put English in To.

Then click on the link that appear in the second box. It will retrieve the website from Google’s server, making that website available to you.

Access Blocked Websites Using Google Mobile Search

Google has come up with Google Web Light, which is for mobile users who use a slow internet connection, what it does is, it strips down the websites via their servers and presents just the content of the website.


You can use the link to access any website, the website might not appear the way it usually does but if you want to access the content, this tip will surely help. (e.g Access

  • On your mobile device, browse to the link[your_website_URL] where the URL is fully qualified (
  • On your desktop[your_website_URL] where the URL is fully qualified (

Access Blocked Websites Using Proxy Websites

Accessing Blocked websites using Proxy Websites is the most popular and widely used method. But, the Software used by Schools and Offices keep blocking any new proxy site that emerges and becomes popular with Students or Employees.

You can still try and These sites keep finding ways to keep themselves unblocked from the Blocking software.

Access Blocked Websites Using  VPNs

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are other popular ways to access blocked websites. The reason I am mentioning it in the last is because they are little tricky to work with and slow down internet connection making it extremely painful to access the websites in the first place.

If you are looking to access the websites that are blocked in specific regions, you might find our earlier post useful about accessing restricted websites.

You can go for Paid VPNs to get a better experience and the investment is only justified when you have to use the School or Office Network to access the internet.  Otherwise, a data connection on your smartphone would be a better option to access the websites you want to access.

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