Find Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile or Status?

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Who viewed my Profile? This curiosity has been there since the Inception of social networking apps.

Part of the reason why people want to know who visited your Profile is Orkut if popular social networking website A decade and a half ago. It showed users who had seen their Profile.

After Orkut, no other social networking site offered any such feature natively. When Facebook became popular, there were third-party extensions that claimed that you would be able to view who has visited your Profile just like Orkut.

Several years later, a new disappearing post format was introduced to various social apps, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp. Whatever you put as a story on these apps would disappear after 24 hours. Interestingly, it brought the feature of letting users know who has viewed their posts.

On Snapchat and Instagram stories, you can view who has seen your stories. Similarly, on WhatsApp, you can see who has seen your Status.

Who viewed your WhatsApp Status

Unfortunately, this feature is also limited. WhatsApp gives you the option to show your Status only to Contacts that are saved on your phone. This means, if someone’s contact is not stored, they will not be able to view your stories.

They also need to have your phone number saved so that your Status can appear in their list of Status from their contacts.

In short, you both should be having each others’ contact saved in your (and their) mobile phone. Even after having met this condition, if someone has disabled the ‘Read Receipt,’ they will not appear in the list of contacts that have seen your Status.

Who viewed your WhatsApp Profile

Currently, WhatsApp does not offer the feature of letting the user know who has seen their Profile natively. However, it gives you some privacy options.

For example, from the privacy section of WhatsApp, you can select who can view your WhatsApp profile, Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody.

Third party apps that can show you who viewed your WhatsApp status or Profile

While writing this article, I researched what type of articles are appearing in the search. I was amazed to see ridiculous articles appearing on the first page blatantly lying about few apps offering this feature.

If the feature is not natively available, there is no third-party app that can let you see it.

WhatsApp is a closed platform. The data is not shared with any third-party app. Facebook only uses it to track user’s activity to improve their Ad targeting on Facebook and Instagram.

So if you ever come across an article that claims that a specific app will let you view who has seen your WhatsApp status or Profile, it’s probably spam.

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