YouTube Mini Player: Keep Browsing YouTube While Watching a Video

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Anwer Khan
Anwer Khan
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There have been a lot of queries on the website regarding the ability to play YouTube videos while doing other things on the website.

While this is possible in the YouTube app for Android and iPhone, this is where the YouTube website on the desktop was somewhat limiting.

Surely, you can open YouTube in a new tab in your browser and start searching, but you still won’t be able to watch the video. It is it exactly the same experience you get on the mobile apps of YouTube.

It seems like YouTube has brought this change to their website version as well since now, you can pop-out the video from the normal video player on the YouTube website.

The option can be found When you hover your mouse over to the video player and you get the option beside the video quality controls.

Once you do that, the Mini video player gets activated and the video slides over to the bottom left-hand side of the browser allowing you to continue browsing YouTube.

The only issue is, you are redirected to the homepage of YouTube, which means you can’t really use this feature how to scroll down to comments while watching the video in the Mini video player.

This is something which is easily available in the mobile apps ok YouTube.

It is surprising why YouTube has not enabled it on their website, because I think most of the people would be interested in scrolling through the comments why continue watching the video.

I have found an alternative to this, bye by adding the Chrome extension called ‘Seek n Play for YouTube‘ you can get the feature of YouTube mini player playing the video on the bottom right-hand side automatically when you scroll down to the comments area.

In fact, the YouTube mini player starts playing as soon as the main video player is not in the visible area of the screen.

How to do it on other browsers such as Firefox and Opera or Microsoft edge.

The YouTube mini player feature that is natively available by YouTube on the website will be available on every Browser no matter what.

But if you want to get the functionality of what ‘Skip n Play for YouTube’ Chrome extension gives in Google Chrome browser, there are browser extensions available for these browsers as well.

In fact, Opera has been often this feature from quite some time, the new built of Microsoft edge uses of chromium as core which means it now supports Chrome extensions as well (read more in details here)

For Firefox, you can use the Enhancer for YouTube extension, read more in detail.

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