How to Disable Automatic App Updates in Xiaomi Smartphones

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I hate notifications on my smartphone, I hate them so much that I have turned off almost every notification. And it’s just a handful of apps that get the luxury.

If you own a Xiaomi smartphone, you might be aware of how annoying it is to see the notifications of apps getting automatically updated in the background.

Even though if you have turned off the automatic updates from Play Store, Xiaomi smartphone based out of MIUI have got their own app store, which is the reason behind the apps getting updated in the background.

How to turn off Automatic app updates in Play Store.

Disabling automatic updates in Play Store is pretty straightforward.

Simply open Play Store, to go the app settings, look for ‘Auto-update apps‘ option, tap on it and select ‘Do not auto-update apps‘.

Doing only this is not sufficient if you want to completely avoid getting notifications of your apps getting updated in the background.

Make sure you do this simple thing to the app store of the MIUI as well

How to turn off automatic updates in MI app store

Open the MIUI app store, find ‘Tools‘ on the bottom right-hand side. and then turn off the toggle button for Automatic updates (as shown in the image below).

Doing these two things will not only save you from getting annoying applications notifications but it will also save a lot of data if you are using a limited Wi-Fi plan.

And even if you have got an unlimited Wi-Fi plan, I wouldn’t really recommend having the automatic updates option enabled, because, not every update is meant for you.

Some updates are simply done to add a new language that won’t be of any use to you. While we are at it, you might also be interested in turning off ads in Xioami apps as well.

How to Get Rid of Annoying Ads / Promoted Notifications in Xiaomi Smartphones

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