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This is Probably the Best Apple Keyboard Alternative

Looking to find the Apple Magic Keyboard Alternative? I’ve been using one from quite sometime. Let me tell you more about it.

I have been a Mac user for almost a decade. The macOS is an incredible platform for creators who want to deal with their creative block and not the technical aspects.

And the fact that they create their laptops and computers, their Software and Hardware integration is near perfect. That’s why it is harder to get out of the Apple ecosystem and buy another Apple product required in your workflow.

Watch the Video Review

I learned this the hard way when I tried using my Macbook Pro in closed-display mode to use my 4K TV as a UHD Monitor for more screen real estate.

Just any keyboard and mouse won’t give you the right feel of working on a machine you know inside out.

But finally, I have found a perfect Apple Keyboard alternative that goes well with my current setup.

The Logitech K380 Keyboard

Though I still had to buy the Apple Magic Trackpad because the gestures on my Macbook Pro make me do things faster, I don’t miss the Apple keyboard, thanks to the Logitech K380.

Although it is an alternative to the Apple keyboard, it can also be an Apple keyboard alternative for Windows PC as well.

The Built Quality

Apple products are the quality of the material they use and how nice it feels when you touch or hold it.

The Logitech K380 belongs in the same room as the Apple products, maybe not in the first row, but definitely in the second row.

This is still great, considering it is 1/3rd the price of what you’ll pay for the Apple Magic Keyboard.

The Features

The reason for buying the Logitech k380 is not because it is the best alternative to Apple keyboard, but its key features.

The Logitech k380 is a Bluetooth based Keyboard that supports connecting up to 3 devices, and you can switch between 3 devices using the dedicated buttons.

This means you have to pair your laptop with your tablet and your smartphone at once, and the next time you want to use it with your particular device, you have to press one of the three buttons assigned to that device.

Apple might have put the Magic in naming their keyboard, but the Logitech K380 has the real Magic.

We all have multiple devices I have, an iPad and a Chromebook, along with my MacBook. So I have all three devices connected and can use the same keyboard with all the devices.

Although my Lenovo Chromebook Duet Plus already has a keyboard, since it is too small for long typing sessions, I end up using the Logitech K380 keyboard.

And not just that, you can connect it with up to 4 devices. How? How well is the?

The keyboard is Bluetooth-based and has a dongle,  which has a secure place inside the mouse. When you take off the top cover, it lets you access the batteries, as well as the dongle. The dongle enables you to connect to a fourth device via the 2.4Ghz wireless technology.

So, sometimes, I also use it with my Windows 10 Desktop.

The Experience

I have been using the Logitech K380 keyboard since the starting of 2021, and I have loved it since day 1.

I can type as fast as I type on the keyboard of my MacBook Pro. If you look at the keys of the Logitech k380 keyboard, the ki shapes are rounded.

It was the only thing I was sceptical about this keyboard because I was not sure how these rounded keys would feel, but this has become the biggest blessing of this keyboard because, for some reason, it makes typing more accurate.

It has two AAA alkaline batteries in this keyboard, and I haven’t changed them since I started using them at the beginning of 2021.

Should you buy it?

If you are looking for an Apple keyboard alternative, there could be two reasons, the pricing or the colour scheme.

Apple has got keyboards in black and white colour, but they are full-size keyboards. The minimal and compact Apple Keyboard only comes in white colour.

So if you are looking to use your space grey MacBook Pro or MacBook Air enclosed display mode and still want a compact keyboard, the Logitech K380 matches your colour scheme for just one-third of the price of the Apple Magic keyboard.

Many other fantastic alternatives may be available for the Apple Magic keyboard, but the price factor makes the Logitech k380 keyboard a perfect choice.

Buy the Logitech K380 from Amazon 

7 Ways to Make Money on Instagram


There is something else entirely to Instagram than just selfies. With over a billion users, Instagram is the most famous social media platform.

You can contact fellow enthusiasts, develop a fan following, and become a significant influencer in your area of interest.

Now, brands have understood the importance of including Instagram marketing in their strategy and buying Instagram auto likes which have opened up fascinating opportunities for users with sizable Instagram followings to bring in cash. 

Regardless of whether you are utilizing Instagram for business or you have not begun, there are interesting approaches to use the application and increment your pay.

As indicated by Instagram Business, 60% of individuals utilize this stage to find new items, 80% of them follow in any event one brand, 200 million accounts look at a business profile every day, and 66% of profile visits are from non-followers.

There are numerous approaches to make a lot of money from the application for your business out of which enlisted in this article are 7 expert tips.  

Sell Affiliate Products  

Instagram permits you to add tracked links to your bio and in the caption of each post. These tracked links associate your page to different organization sites and their items that you support on the behalf of that organization. 

For each user who visits the organization’s site utilizing your tracked link, the organization pays you a specific amount of money. Sometimes, you will likewise get compensation if the user makes a purchase from that organization. 

Become an Influencer 

An influencer is somebody who has assembled a standing and faithful following by sharing consistently on their social accounts. Brands will in general join forces with influencers to do sponsored posts that help spread the word about their items.

To get to this point, you need to increase your engagement on Instagram and think of posts that get you more Instagram followers. 

Top influencers make a huge sum of money with every sponsored post. Remember that it requires a ton of dedication and arduous work to get to this point.

As an influencer, you need to know your followers. You need to comprehend who those individuals are, their inclinations, values, and needs. 

Sell Your Merchandise  

This is a possibility for Instagram clients with a more enterprising nature. You can mould your items and offer them to your Instagram followers.

All you need is an attractive item and a brand on Instagram that more Instagram followers can come together for. 

Rather than attempting to sell your item through a bigger organization for better-promoting alternatives, you can consider your very own online crowd.

However, remember that when you sell hand-crafted items, you will be answerable for any lawful, clinical, or actual issues that the purchasers experience the ill effects of. Ensure you have acquired every one of the necessary licenses for selling your item. 

Offer Paid Services 

When you have a sizable following on Instagram, it implies you approach expertise or assets that different clients are keen on.

Your ability may not convert into an actual item, yet you can offer your talent in the form of service, like Dance. This should be possible from various perspectives: 

  • Make a website and put the link on your Instagram profile that takes clients to your site for a full depiction of your administrations. 
  • Mention that you are available to work, with a way for reaching you professionally. 
  • Offer your services at diminished rates for restricted periods. 
  • Utilize your posts, your photos, and videos, to publicize your service.

Sell your Instagram Pictures 

Quite possibly the most essential approach to bring in cash on Instagram is by selling your photographs.

The extraordinary thing about this choice is that you do not require an enormous following to sell your photographs.

If you are good at photography or drawing you can capitalize on your advantage.

Whenever you have begun taking proficient photographs, you can utilize the accompanying techniques to sell your photographs:  

  • If you have more Instagram followers, you can offer to sell prints of your Instagram photographs to your followers for a charge. 
  • Locals like Shopify permit you to subscribe and sell your photographs on their site. 
  • You can print your photographs on stock, like mugs and T-shirts, and sell those items. 

Provide Social Media Marketing Training 

It is an obvious fact that Instagram has solid deal potential, so an ever-increasing number of brands need to utilize this platform to advance their items, contact the intended interest group, and increment deals.

As per Business Instagram, more than 25 million organizations and 2 million sponsors use Instagram. 

The opposition is developing, so brands need proficient help to increase their engagement on Instagram. Overall, social media marketing services are in extraordinary demand.

Brands want diverse ways they can promote their brand and gain more Instagram followers. Social media specialists have numerous chances to discover independent opportunities and make the most out of their insight on Instagram. 

Write Captions for Businesses 

The days when just huge brands could bear the cost of Instagram advertising are a long way behind us.

Today, brands of all sizes need to utilize this stage to advance their items and services, and 92% of independent companies intend to put additional time and exertion into social media advertising. 

While enormous brands have an extraordinary in-house content creation staff, entrepreneurs frequently search out independent talent to lessen social media marketing costs.

In this manner, they regularly need to discover imaginative experts who compose captions for their organizations for a minimal price.

Run your Instagram page imaginatively so that interested businesses can see instances of captions you compose. 


With Instagram becoming popular, it is nothing unexpected that Instagrammers are turning into a force to be reckoned with.

They have sorted out approaches to bring in cash through an increased engagement on Instagram. 71% of US organizations use Instagram for marketing. 

Cultivate a particular style and begin selling items that you are energetic about. It can be anything that you excel at.

Gaining more Instagram followers is the key to earning money from Instagram. Remember to not lose sight of how from the ways mentioned above, you choose to earn money through Instagram and you are good to go.

These Are Must Have Apps for Foodies and Cooks

These days, your phone lets you do things you can’t even imagine. It’s your Video Camera, your Photo Camera, Your Scanner, Fitness Tracker, Alarm Clock, Voice Recorder and whatnot.

I wish it could make me coffee as well.

While it may take some time for the Smartphones to be smart enough to make Coffee for you, you can surely order one.

We are listing some of our best apps that are a must-have for anyone who loves food.

Discover Nearby Places to Eat


I am sure you are already aware of the Zomato app and its benefit, but there is more you can do with the app.

Its algorithm is so good that it shows your best places that serve delicious food on your homepage, and with some really useful information about the restaurants.

If you ever find yourself in a situation when you badly need to go out and are clueless about where to go, the Zomato app helps you find the suitable Restaurant you can go to eat out. It tells you whether the Restaurant has AC, Wi-Fi, Food Menu and How much approx. it may cost two people.

And you can find user reviews to know more about other people’s experiences.

Alternatively you can also use Swiggy. For some people cookies budget in Zomato and vice versa. But if you are a proof foodie, you will have both the apps installed on your mobile phone, so that we can switch between the apps which one offers you the best deal.

Cook Delicious Food at Home


Foodtippr is a food blog from our network of blogs that makes it super easy to follow their recipe as they all have got step by step instructions along with photos and videos of every step.

All Recipes

This is probably the biggest community of food lovers from around the world. You will get many different variations of any recipe. I use it to find the variant of the recipe of which I’ve got all the required ingredients in my kitchen.

Food Planner

if you find yourself stuck at what to cook, you surely need this app to plan your entire week in advance. This app makes it possible to keep your meals planned so that you don’t have to make last-minute compromises just because one ingredient is not in your kitchen.


Sometimes you just want to make a delicious and exotic meal for yourself but the ingredients are not available in your local grocery store. In situations like these, online grocery delivery services like grofers can be really useful.

Their catalogue is waste and it is unlikely that they will miss an ingredient you need.

Alternative to Grofers is Big Basket and JioMart, you can try it out to compare prices and see if you can get competitor pricing on the things you want to order.

Calories Counting / Healthy Food Habits

Calorie Counter

A Foodie has to keep a count of the calories he consumes because, for them, Calories is the most valuable currency, The more wisely you spend/consume, the richest/healthy you are.

Calories Counter tells you how many calories a particular food has which can help you whether you want to go for another plate or just grab a bite.

GoFigure Food Substitution

This is a useful app for people with allergies who cannot have a particular ingredient in a recipe but still want to enjoy it, this app gives an alternative to the ingredient.

Food Substitutes is also useful for people who forget to keep their kitchens stocked all the time and want to finish a recipe by using a substitute of an ingredient.

Healthy Food

This app collects all the useful information about the food you love and shows you in a beautiful layout that you can actually understand and decide what’s best for you.

It acts as your personal diet planner and tells you what type of food you should have at what time of the day. This always helps you keep in check and not get fat by consuming all your favourite food.

Best iOS Apps for Publishers to Create Content

It is said that iOS is for consuming content. it is for people who do casual browsing iPhones and iPads.

It’s been over a decade since iOS was released, it powered both iPhone and iPad series from Apple. And since I pad gives you a larger Canvas, A lot of people used it as a primary computer, including myself.

Of Apple now finally has got advanced IOS for iPad and it’s called iPad OS. It is still pretty much the same, but now offers more functions, so that people can utilise the bigger screen of iPad.

There are a lot of free iOS apps for independent publishers you might want to have on your phone for the various functions they help you undertake.

Keep your things organised with Notion

I switched to the notion app in 2021 after using the Trello app for years. The app is still an amazing app but for my use case I had to use it in combination with a few more apps.

Notion is more than just an app to keeping your work organised. It is also a notebook where you can save the things you want to remember, or want to get back to, aur even your personal diary as well.

It took a little bit of learning curve and getting used to, but after 3 months I was completely on board.

I would strongly suggest every publisher to use an app to keep their things organised so that the don’t have to depend on their memory to do something.

Save Time and Read Later with Pocket

To create, you fist need to consume, Pocket lets you consume content with ease. It works are an epicenter of all your collections of creative stuff that will inspire you to create your own.

Any iOS power user should consider this free app to download courtesy of its huge number of features as well as customizable design settings and ease of use.

Pocket’s tagging feature is one of the best worth talking about and you can use a keyword to save the content you want to access later from hundreds of articles on your device.

For instance, you can tag some articles as “tech vibe”, “education reloaded” or “code universe” and you won’t need to muddle through your saved content.

Apart from links to articles you can also save video and image links with Pocket to look at later.

Write Articles Using Google Docs

Google Docs iPad

An app from Google, which is an excellent app for writers who use iPad for writing novels or long form articles.

There are dozens of writing apps available for iPad, but I think the best one is still Google Docs because of its sync feature.

Other than Google Docs I also use the Notes app, for writing content. And since the Notes app is available for Macs, iPhones, and iPad, you can start from where you left on other device.

Draw or Take Notes with Paper 

Creative people have been using this app to create awesome stuff. iPad makes a great device for sketching and drawing purpose.

And this new Apple Pencil from Apple is an example that Apple will continue to add more functionality in this area.

Create Videos Using LumaFusion

Lumafusion is probably the best video editing app available for iOS and iPad OS. Although it comes with a bit of learning curve, if a big part of your work is creating videos you should invest time in learning how to use the app.

There are other apps available for video editing on iOS, inShot and VideoLeap how Tu of my favourite iOS apps for editing videos. But these apps are on subscription basis, where you have to pay monthly or yearly. Good thing about lumafusion is, it is just one time payment of $29.

Another thing that makes LumaFusion great for editing videos on iPad, the LumaFusion 3.0 update allows users to add videos to Lumafusion and edit them without moving them to the internal memory of iPad, which brings the experience pretty closer to Laptop.

Publish content on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

The Creative Studio app offered by Facebook allows you to post content on page and profiles on both Instagram and Facebook.

To directly do it from your iPhone or iPad which is a great thing, because uploading videos to Instagram from PC still requires a workaround as there is no native solution available apart from uploading videos on.

To upload videos on YouTube from iPad, you can use the official YouTube app.

If you upload videos on other platforms, on your own website you can use Safari Browser as it opens website in desktop mode.

I used my iPad mini as a primary computer for few months and did all my writing on it, it was tough, but the part of the reason is that iPad mini isn’t powerful enough and multi-tasking on it wasn’t fun.


Updatd in 2021: Consistent updates from Apple to improve their iPad has made it a great device for content creators who want a portable computer to create their content. I am currently using iPad Air, and it is currently my favourite device for creating videos.

What Are Smart Contracts? And How to Choose One


The world of cryptocurrencies has given us a lot of new and exciting opportunities to explore. One of these revolutionizing things includes smart contracts. Smart contracts have revolutionized how businesses transact with one another.

Smart contracts offer many different benefits that make them well worth exploring, but there are also several things you need to consider before deciding on which company or type of service best suits your needs.

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you what smart contracts are and what they offer. I’m also going to provide you with tips on how to choose the best smart contract companies for your needs.

What is a Smart Contract?

A smart contract is an agreement that has been verified by a computer protocol, meaning it will run exactly as programmed without any possible interference from outside sources (unless those sources come in from within the blockchain).

The code can be written when a deal takes place or already exists, so there’s no need for external verification of anything other than agreeing to every part of the terms outlined in the program.

This automation offers many benefits because not only does it speed up transactions, but also because it cuts out expensive third-party verifiers like lawyers.

Smart contracts offer a better way to exchange assets without the assistance of a middleman. With this automation, transactions can be done swiftly without any downtime.

This is what makes smart contracts so great for things like investments where the process needs to happen quickly to secure a profit or avoid financial loss.

For improving smart contracts, you need to learn what microservices architecture technology is. Implementing microservices architecture with smart contracts can improve smart voting and other processes.

How to Choose a Smart Contract?

There are several criteria to evaluate smart contracts. The availability of numerous factors makes it difficult to choose the best one. Let’s have a look at the factors that contribute to the choice of smart contracts.

Does Your Business Need a Smart Contract?

The first thing to think about is what type of contract you need. You should identify what data needs to be exchanged and what the process will look like. Before you go for getting a smart contract, it is necessary to know whether it will work for your business or not. If it brings any value to your business, that’s all you need.

Smart contracts are designed for businesses that use digital currencies and need to store information on the blockchain. However, if your business doesn’t deal with blockchain technology, then smart contracts are not what you want.

How much Security of Data Storage Does a Smart Contract Provide?

The security of data storage is a necessary factor that you need to consider before choosing any smart contract. Better security of stored information means that the smart contract is more expensive to use.

A good rule of thumb for what level of security you need when considering what kind of storage facility your business needs is to measure how much risk you are willing to take on.

If a person can get access and change or delete information, then they have bypassed all forms of protection offered by the code in a smart contract. This means you may not be able to recover lost data because there’s no way for it to tell what has been changed or deleted from stored data before this breach occurred.

Transparency of the Smart Contract

The transparency of a smart contract is checked by all the parties involved in the agreement. All the terms and conditions are described in detail in the contracts. The parties also reviewed the terms and conditions of the contract in an advanced manner.

Transparency is what can be considered as a key element when it comes to smart contracts because this reduces risks and costs by providing clarity for everyone involved in the agreement, which also eliminates any possible disputes that might occur from time to time.

The Programming Language of Your Choice

While there are tons of smart contracts available, get one that offers less complex functions. This will save you from having to hire someone who’ll be able to convert what the smart contract says into a language that your company can understand.

What’s more, be sure to check what the programming language of your choice is. There are several languages out there and it will depend on what you’re looking for in terms of what suits your needs best.

Check The Reputation of the Smart Contract developing Company

The reputation of the smart contract developing company is also necessary to check. You want to find a company that is reputable and has been in the game for some time. For accessing the reputation of a company, you can also check the reviews of the people who have used that service.

The reviews of customers are the best way to find what to expect from a company. If they have had previous clients who were satisfied then it’s likely this service will be up your alley as well.

The experience of a company is also important to consider. You want a company that has been around for some time which means that they have had the opportunity to learn what’s best and what isn’t so good over time.

They are able-bodied of making smart decisions because they know what works and what doesn’t base on their past experiences.

The Cost of Smart Contract Development

The cost of a smart contract development service is also something to consider. It can be a good idea to get an estimate so that you know what the company is going to charge for their work in advance.

If they are asking too much, then it may not be worth your time and effort because there will likely be another service that has more reasonable rates.

Consider your budget and what you can afford before deciding to sign up with one of these companies. So, consider what is included in the price and what isn’t before signing up for the contract.

5 issues with the Lenovo Chromebook Duet

I have been using the Lenovo Chromebook Duet for the last few months. I used it in many scenarios, traveled with it as my only computer, took it in parks, read books on it, and even watched a lot of content on YouTube Netflix, and Amazon Prime

I think I am qualified enough to talk about his issues. Some of the issues and mention our personal opinion. So if you disagree with my points you can let me know in the comments section.

The processor is too weak

Start with the processor, the Lenovo Chromebook Duet is powered by MediaTek Helio P60T, which is from 2018 and has been used in smartphones ranging between $200 to $250.

I understand the Chromebooks do not require a lot of processing power, and I also understand the device like Lenovo Chromebook Duet which is priced pretty competitively and needs to do cost-cutting, but if you are offering a device that is capable of doing multiple things then you should not make a compromise on the processing power.

A little better chipset would have been better and I have greatly improved the performance of this Chromebook.

When you doing casual work, the tablet runs smooth as intended but when you have a few tabs open in the Google Chrome browser it starts acting up.

And I’m not talking about Android apps because that’s for the next section

Android isn’t perfect

Lenovo Chromebook Duet supports Play Store, you can enable it from the settings area. This means you can also use Android apps on this tablet Chromebook, and use this device like an Android tablet.

But, the Android OS runs on Chromebook in a virtual environment, so it is not the native experience. Chromebooks with higher processing power can manage to do it efficiently, but the Lenovo Chromebook Duet struggles.

Since we have already talked about the processing power of the Chromebook.

I have written about it as well, apps like YouTube, Gmail, Google Photos, stop showing new content, after using it 2-3 times. My good guess is there is something wrong with the virtual environment.

Because the same services run perfectly fine in the Google Chrome browser. And thank God it is a Chromebook, and that part works fine, I am able to access YouTube Gmail, Google Photos, everything inside the Google Chrome browser.

So, now I don’t use any Android app on the device. I still haven’t turned it off because, sometimes, I have to check out and I wish with every update that this would have been fixed. Sadly it hasn’t in the last eight months, so there is no hope.

The Speakers not Loud

I understand this is an inexpensive device, intended for people who want a portable device that can carry with them and still be able to work, but if you are promising Android apps on this device, you are also allowing others to use it as a media consumption device.

It would have been better if the speakers could have been a little louder. There is no bass in the speakers and you can’t enjoy a movie even alone, you will have to use some external speakers or earphones. Thankfully they have provided a type C to 3.5 mm audio adaptor

The Keyboard is too cramped

Lenovo Chromebook Duet has got a detachable keyboard provided in the box, also a magnetic back cover. And thank you Lenovo for doing that.

But a physical keyboard is meant to be used for longer writing, which this keyboard certainly cannot be. And for small writing sessions, like, emails, replying to messages, voice typing, and typing on the virtual keyboard is sufficient.

I find myself using this Chromebook with the detachable keyboard much less. I prefer to use voice typing or typing on the virtual keyboard because stripping the back cover and the keyboard makes the Lenovo Chromebook Duet much lighter and easy to hold in one hand.

My point is, Lenovo could have made it a little better, the weight wouldn’t have mattered if it was still detachable.

Is my workaround to address this issue is to use my Logitech k380 Keyboard which is a full-size keyboard that I use with my MacBook in closed-display mode.

16:9 Aspect Ratio is not great.

It is generally a personal choice, and pretty much every Android device out there, or even Chromebooks have this aspect ratio.

My point is if you have not put good speakers on it, and the screen is not great either, I am not using it for media consumption much. The 16:9 aspect ratio doesn’t offer anything else.

In fact, it feels bad when browsing websites, especially when browsing in portrait mode because then it looks like a giant mobile phone. 4:3 aspect ratio would have been better which would make the document files look like A4 size paper.

16:9 aspect ratio is good for content consumption because whatever will you watch the black borders on the top and the bottom would not be too wide.


I made a video comparing it with the iPad Air 4 and got one comment on the video that sums it up nicely.

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet is the jack of all trades but it is the master of none.

Despite that, it’s a great Chromebook. It shouldn’t be the first choice for anything else. But one thing it is better than any other tablet is allowing you to use if full desktop-grade Google Chrome browser with thousands of extensions support on a small tablet form factor.

I have multiple devices to do different things and the Lenovo Chromebook Duet is still my preferable portable device to do my work, which is mostly finding the Google Chrome browser.

Despite all these issues, the Lenovo Chromebook Duet did succeed in 2020, I hope Lenovo comes up with the second generation of this device and addresses the issues mentioned above.

Do you own a Lenovo Chromebook Duet? Or, are planning to get one, you should check out this FAQ page to see if this fits your use case.

7 ways to Improve your chances of winning against the odds


It can feel a bit overwhelming if you’re a total newbie in the game. In this guide, you will learn seven techniques that will help you start your casino journey the right way.

So, if you want to discover how to choose a casino and what games are more suitable for beginners, you will love reading our new guide.

Let’s dive right in.

Understand the role of luck

Even though skill can increase your odds in some casino games(e.g., poker and blackjack), luck is the most crucial factor in the outcome.

Even seasoned gamblers lose if they get unlucky. That’s how the saying “the house always wins” was born.

So, instead of blaming the casino or yourself for losing a gambling session, try to understand that the casino is not a full-time job, so it won’t always pay you, no matter how well you’re playing. If you treat the casino as a form of entertainment, you will have more fun and not be upset about losing.

Pro tip: If you’re entirely new to the casino, we recommend starting with easy games that are purely based on luck, like slot machines.

Learn how online casinos work

If you want to start gambling online, you will need to learn how internet casinos work.

For short, you’ll need to know the following things:

The registration process signing up for an online casino is quite simple. You will need to navigate to the registration page, fill in your details, confirm your identity and wait for the casino’s confirmation.
How to check the casino’s license for your safety, you should never join an unlicensed casino. To verify if a gaming authority regulates the operator, simply scroll to the footer and see if they mention any license like Malta Gaming Authority or the UKGC. Then, navigate to the regulator’s official site to check if the license is valid.
Payment providers and fees Casinos accept several payment methods, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, pre-paid cards, and wire transfers. Check the providers before you sign up to ensure that you have a way to transfer your funds to and from the casino balance.
Game types and software providers Knowing the game types you can play (slots, poker, baccarat, blackjack, craps, and so on) and the companies that created them will help you identify the most suitable casino for your needs.
Promotion types Online casinos offer you a wide range of bonuses that can increase your bankroll for free, offering you additional credits. Various bonus types are available, including welcome packages, no deposit promotions, cashback, and VIP loyalty points.

This guide is a simplified explanation of how online casinos work. The Canadian gambling site CasinobonusCA created an in-depth guide on this topic. Many industry experts consider it a must-read resource for all beginner gamblers who want to start wagering the right way.

Use online guides to your advantage

The Internet is a valuable resource for gamblers that are just beginning their journey.

Depending on the game you want to play, you will want to use Google to search for some in-depth tutorials. Ideally, you want to stick with results from the first page since they are usually the most authoritative sources in the industry.

For example: If you want to start playing blackjack, you should just type “blackjack guide” in Google and start browsing through the first results. After reading a couple of articles, you should already have the basics out of the way and be ready to start playing the game (at least in demo mode).

Practice in demo mode

Once you have a knowledge base of the game you want to play (see the previous tip), you should test your skills in play mode.

Most online casinos offer you free access to their “playground,” where you can test most of their games without wagering any real money. The great thing about free play is that you get to hone your gambling skills, but if you win, you won’t be allowed to cash out your earnings.

If you’re a beginner, it’s great to start playing in demo mode until you’re familiarized with the game’s controls and unique features.

Recommendation: Can’t find the game you want to try for free on the gambling platform? Try searching “{game name} + free play” on Google, and you should find a demo version of the game.

Know when it’s time to stop

Sometimes, gamblers lose money because they don’t know to quit while they’re still ahead.

Whenever you’re on a winning streak, remember that they don’t last forever. Thus, you should stop while you’re still winning and cash out your profits (no matter if you’re satisfied with the amount or not)

The secret of gambling responsibly is knowing your limits and understanding that luck is a limited resource that won’t last you long during an online casino session.

Additionally, if you’ve lost a few rounds in a row, don’t deposit again trying to recover your money. Chasing your losses won’t help you make more money since your chances are not determined by the amount you bet.

Claim bonuses to extend your playtime

When you register for the first time on a platform, the operator will offer you a welcome bonus as an incentive to deposit.

These promotions usually offer a percentage match bonus (e.g.,100% up to C$4000) and free spins or credits that will allow you to test the games without using money from your balance.

Still, the offers come with strings attached that will make the withdrawal of the bonus funds more difficult.

Here are some examples of special requirements for welcome bonuses:

Wagering the wagering requirement is a multiplier (e.g.,35x Bonus) that represents the number of times you will have to roll over the bonus amount before you can cash out the winnings generated from the promotion.
Time Limit some casino offers have an expiry date, so you will have to complete the wagering and claim your money before the time runs out.
Games Available in some situations, the bonus will be exclusively available for specific casino games. If the promotion is limited to certain game types, the operator will mention it in the bonus description, so make sure you read it.
Minimum Deposit most casino promotions have a minimum deposit requirement representing the lowest amount you can deposit to get the bonus perks.
Ideally, you want to claim any promotion that the casino will offer. However, you must always read the terms and conditions before you start, ensuring that there aren’t any hidden requirements that could prevent you from withdrawing your winnings.

Develop a bankroll management strategy

Last but not least, you should start your gambling adventure with a bankroll management strategy set in place.

The idea is simple: Before you start placing wagers, set aside a percentage of your income strictly dedicated to gambling. This way, you won’t be tempted to bet money that you can’t afford to lose, no matter the outcome.

So, once you’ve selected your bankroll size, you will need to stick to it. Ideally, you want to separate your regular banking account from your gambling account to ensure that you won’t be tempted to make additional deposits.

Over to you

We hope that our expert recommendations will help you kickstart your first gambling adventure.

Now, we would like to hear your opinion:

  • What technique will you try first?
  • Are you going to claim a bonus to increase your chances of winning?
  • Or maybe you want to learn how to play by trying the games in demo mode.

Either way, you can let us know by leaving a comment below right now.

Apple iPad Air 4th Generation vs Lenovo Chromebook Duet

I have been using both the Apple iPad Air 4th generation and Lenovo Chromebook Duet for the last few months. Both are pretty amazing devices in their own ways. I have used both of them in different scenarios.

I too was confused whether which one would be a perfect fit for me, so I ended up buying both devices. But that’s ok since part of my job is to figure out stuff for our readers as well.

This post is a comparison of both the devices in different scenarios so that you don’t have to buy both devices. Get the only one that fits your use case.

Watch the video embedded below to clear all your doubts whether these devices are capable of the things you intend to do on them.

Watch the Video

Comparision in different Use Cases


iPad Air 4th Generation

Rs 52000/-

Just the Tablet

A14 Bionic Chipset

Good for Video Editing, Photo Editing, Creative Stuff. 

Apple Pencil: Rs 10,000


4:3 Aspect Ratio

A4 size paper documents look good. 

Great for Content Consumption, Screen is bright, speakers are loud.

1 Type C Port

A 3.5mm Adapter is Not Provided

Good for Gaming, thanks to its powerful processor.

Full Desktop Safari Browser. No Extensions support.

Opens the Desktop version of sites but some functions are restricted. 

MS Office iOS App works well on the iPad

Dictation is Okay. Not great for writing Long-form content. 


Chromebook Duet

Rs 25999/-

Tablet + Keyboard, Magnetic Back Cover

MediaTek Helio P60T

Good for documents and web apps, things that require less processing power.

USI Pen: Rs 4500


16:9 Aspect Ratio

No black borders on Videos.

Okay for Content Consumption. Speakers are not loud. 

1 Type C Port

A 3.5mm Adapter is Provided

Not Recommended, but you can play if you are not a regular gamer. 

Full Desktop Google Chrome Browser. Chrome Extensions Support.

Feels like a laptop when inside the Google Chrome Browser. 

MS Office Android App works well on Chromebook

Voice Typing Works Great, 


An iPad is a tablet that can do most of the things you do on a Laptop. A Chromebook can give you a full Desktop experience when working inside a browser. 

Buy iPad Air 4

Buy Lenovo Chromebook Duet

FAQ Page for Lenovo Chromebook Duet

I posted my review of the Lenovo Chromebook Duet a few months ago after using one month as my primary computer

I published the review, which you can read it here. I posted a video on YouTube also.
Many people watched the video and the comment section is filled with so many queries that I had to create a dedicated Page you answer Those FAQs.

Can you run Microsoft Office on Chromebook?

The short answer to this. Is no. If you’re looking to. Use Microsoft Office on the Lenovo Chromebook, Duet. They should be aware it is. Powered by Chrome OS. Which means. The apps are available for Windows computers or Mac computers. Is. Not. Supported

Many modern Chromebooks, including the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, have got the support of Android. You can turn it on from the settings area, which enables the Play Store, from where you can install Android apps on the Chromebook.

So, technically, you can use the Android app for Microsoft office, just like you use it on your mobile phone. The good thing is you can utilize the bigger screen when you run the apps in full-screen mode it opens like the Microsoft Office app for Windows or Mac

But, you would require the Office 360 subscription to use Microsoft Office on Chromebook.

It requires the same subscription if you want to run Microsoft Office on Windows or Mac computers as well, but there are workarounds to getting the app running on them.

But for Chromebook, you cannot install Android apps outside of the Play Store and if you do install it from the Play Store, you would require the subscription

Thankfully, there are many alternatives available in the play store that support all the file formats offered by Microsoft’s office and even look pretty much similar so you won’t have any difficulty in switching to these apps

My favorite alternative to Microsoft Office is the Google Office suite which has Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, and Google Slides.

Since the Google Chrome browser on Chromebooks has a desktop-grade browser, all the features available in Google Docs and Google spreadsheet can be used on Chromebooks as well.

Can you edit videos on Chromebook

This is another question I have been asked a lot, whether or not Chromebooks are suitable for editing videos

And because it supports android apps, you can technically install any video editing app available for android and utilize the bigger screen of the Chromebook for video editing

And it looks exciting that you can buy a cheap device like the Chromebook Duet, which almost behaves like a laptop and be able to use it for video waiting but in reality, laptops are not powerful devices, for example, the Lenovo Chromebook Duet is powered by Mediathek Helio P 60T, which is a mobile chipset used in mobile phones priced at around $200-$250

The chipset is a few years old also, which means if today you buy a smartphone in a range of $200 $150, you will get a better processor which will be able to handle video rating much better than a Chromebook in the $250-$300 segment.

So, you can edit videos on a Chromebook, but the experience would not be as pleasing as it would be to edit videos on a mobile phone in that similar price range

If budget is not an issue, and you’re looking for portability, you can get an iPad. There are a lot of great video editing apps available for iOS and Apple has done a great job optimizing iPad for such things.

They have launched iPadOS which is much more usable than iOS and utilizes the big screen of the iPad for multitasking and doing other things as well.

Can you use a Chromebook for online classes or meetings?

Taking zoom calls or Google meet sessions is one of the best use cases for Chromebooks. The processing power of the Lenovo Chromebook Duet is sufficient enough to do such tasks, and its affordability makes it one of the best choices for students as well as for officials to use it as their traveling computer.


  • it is compact,
  • it has got a great battery backup,
  • uses the same charging adapter your mobile requires and,
  • can be used in tablet form as well

Can Lenovo Chromebook be used for Drawing?

The Lenovo Chromebook duet has touch functionality as well as comes with a detachable keyboard, but it does not come with a stylus pen.
However, support is available for USI-type stylus pens, but finding a USI pen is a task on its own because currently, it is not available on Amazon.

And even if it is available, the Chromebook Duet is not suitable for professional drawing. You can surely take notes here and there, and Google offers great support for handwriting recognition, but it should not be the first choice for this use case

Can Lenovo Chromebook Duet be used for programming?

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet also has got Linux support, which, for a lot of people, means this device can be used for a lot of other things as well. But if you are into coding or programming, I would suggest you buy a laptop with a slightly bigger screen and a full-size keyboard, if you are going to be using it as a primary device.

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet is a 10.1-inch device, which means, the text on the display would be small and also the keyboard is not a full-size keyboard so it is not comfortable to type on for a long period and it is not recommended to look at tiny text on asking for a prolonged time

If you want to use it as a secondary device for coding, it is a perfect fit because of its tablet form. You can keep it in a sling bag and take it with you anywhere you want.

Is it good for watching movies on Netflix Amazon Prime?

The large screen and tablet form factor makes it a great choice for consuming content be it Netflix Amazon prime on YouTube. But, if it is your only purpose then you can opt for an Android tablet.

Chromebooks are more of a functional device to let users do more than just consuming content, and its highlight is the full desktop version of Google Chrome browser which supports the extension as well. You can do almost everything you do in a browser on a normal laptop.

In the last few years, I have switched to a workflow that has a minimum requirement of native apps that can be installed on devices. 99% of my work can be done inside a web browser, and it is the reason I love Chromebook

If the majority of your work happens inside the browser, a Chromebook is a perfect fit. Especially the Lenovo Chromebook because it also gives you portability options.

So, these were some of the frequently asked questions asked to me about the Lenovo Chromebook Duet and the Chromebooks in general. I will be posting more frequently asked questions if I come across

If you also have got someone, who is confused about Chromebooks, and has any question remotely related to it, you can share this link with them. You can also check out many other articles on our site, which can make your tech life easy. Thank you for reading

How to Avoid Third Party Cookies When Entering into Sites


Third-party cookies are snippets of code that allow third parties to track users. If a user visits a particular website and then clicks on an ad from the site they visited, the advertiser will see what websites they have been browsing on.

This can lead to invasive marketing tactics because advertisers know everything about you and your internet habits. This blog post will discuss how third-party cookies work and some simple ways to avoid them when entering sites!

Cookies are small files websites can put into computers or mobile phones. They help the website remember who you are and what you like to do while there. By default, most web browsers will allow these files to be saved.

This means that third parties can track the websites you visit with cookies and use them for marketing purposes.

Ways to protect yourself from extensive tracking:

  • Customize your browser settings so that it only allows certain types of cookies to be saved.
  • Use a browser plugin that will block installing all third-party cookies on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Use a Windows VPN will mask your IP address and make it impossible for third parties to track your browsing habits by using cookies
  • Delete existing third-party cookie files periodically (also known as web bugs)
  • These methods are straightforward but often overlooked since most people don’t know about them! In this blog post, we have covered these strategies and more so that you can avoid third-party cookies when entering sites
  • When you visit a site, it will place cookies on your device so that the next time you visit, it recognizes who you are and can offer a more personalized experience. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be very invasive when third-party companies use these cookies to track your internet activity.

Third-party cookies are often used to track the web activity of users.

This means that advertisers can see exactly what you’ve been browsing on the internet and will use this to advertise their products.

Third-party cookies are snippets of code that allow third parties to track users. If a user visits a website, they then click on an ad from the site they visited; for example, the advertiser would see what websites the user has been browsing. 

This can lead to invasive marketing tactics because advertisers know everything about you and your internet habits, meaning they can use this information to advertise their products more effectively.

Why should I care about third-party cookies?

It would help if you cared because third-party cookies are a form of tracking which promises to serve the interests of everyone but will only serve the interests of those with the most money.

Third-party cookies may use “non-persistent” or “session” cookies where they identify you for one site and then transfer that identification to another site so that both sites react as if it’s just you visiting repeatedly. This means that even if you never revisit either site, these companies still know your identity from your lack of activity on their first site.

Third-party cookies store information such as IP address, user agent, and last column values for statistics purposes. They help to identify your browsing patterns which advertisers then monetize.

To avoid all third-party cookie tracking, web browsers provide the option of blocking or deleting them one at a time manually or using an add-on like Ghostery (only blocks 3rd party domains) or BetterPrivacy (blocks every possible thing it can).

The most popular browsers also have extensions/plugins that allow you to easily browse without using any 3rd party data storage at all, such as:

  • Firefox’s “NoScript” plugin will disable all scripts, including third-party cookies.
  • The browser Opera has a built-in function that can be activated to block third parties from tracking your browsing habits
  • Google Chrome also offers an extension called ‘Keep My Opt Outs’ that blocks third-party data storage requests.

The use of third-party cookies can be avoided by deleting them from your browser and using private browsing mode.

Deleting third-party cookies

You can delete third-party cookies by following these simple steps:

  • Visit the “Settings” tab on your browser’s menu bar. Click “Privacy.” Select a content setting (e.g., ‘Block all’). Click the blue link that reads “Show Cookies” to reveal any offending cookies, and click “Remove All.”
  • Deleting third-party cookies will not delete personal information or data from your computer, but it will prevent companies from tracking you.
  • Using private browsing mode will also help avoid third-party cookies, as it does not allow any data to be saved. To do this:
  • Visit the “Settings” tab on your browser’s menu bar. Go to Private Browsing. Then select a content setting (e.g., ‘Block all.’). When you close out of Private Browsing, any information that was collected will be deleted.

Third-party cookies are snippets of code that allow third parties to track users when they visit a website and then click on an ad from the site they visited, for example.

The use of third-party cookies can be avoided by deleting them from your browser and using private browsing mode or choosing a content setting that blocks all third-party cookies.

To avoid being tracked online, make sure to clear all history and cache when leaving sites with sensitive information like banking websites or sites with logins.

If delete all your history can’t be done, try clearing only one day at a time not to forget what was done during that period.

How to Disable / Turn Off Secondary Monitor on a Mac without Unplugging It?

It might sound like a first-world problem, but when you are in deep work, where you want to save a tiny bit of time, you are always on the lookout for an easier, more efficient way to do things.

Turning off or disabling my second Re monitor connected to my MacBook without actually unplugging is one of those things.

And I am not alone. Many people are looking for this exact solution because there is it any right now, it is not from Apple.

It will have been great if Apple has this option of disconnecting one monitor from the display settings. Life would have been easier. But there is not.

How I used to disable my Secondary monitor from Mac

I would have no issues having it connected to my Mac, but the thing is, it sucks a lot of processing power when it is connected because your Mac computer has to drive the graphics on it.

For this reason, I have noticed my workflow is a lot more is smoother when I only use the display of my MacBook computer whenever I am doing a resource-intensive task.

My usual way of disconnecting my Secondary monitor is to unplug the HDMI cable from the back of the monitor. It is good, but it’s not efficient, because the back of the monitor is hard to reach.

Also, plugging and unplugging the HDMI cable to my monitor has always ruined two HDMI cables in a short time, so here is how I am disabling my secondary monitor from my Mac without unplugging the HDMI cable.

How I disable my Secondary monitor from Mac

The On/Off switch of the monitor is also located at the bottom, which is also hard to reach. The same goes for the power cable that is attached to the back of the monitor.

I have the socket accessible, where the power adaptor of the monitor is connected. I switch it off.

If your Mac is turned off and you do this process of shutting your monitor’s power, it will not get connected or show up in the Display settings of your Mac.

But if you want to do it while the Mac is turned on and the monitor is connected, it will still show up in the display for some reason. It might be disconnected. Seeing the monitor in the display settings of Mac does not give me peace of mind.

I have found that turning your Mac into sleep mode for a few seconds and then waking it up will also make the monitor disappear from the display settings, which is a peace of mind that no power from your Mac is being derived by the monitor its graphics.

That’s it, that’s the post. No better solution than this. I googled it as well, search many forums, but Googles’s current first result is a forum post from last the decade.

And, none of the solutions worked. Atleast my method works, and unless there’s a third party app that is easy to use and not expensive, or until Apple has this available natively, which is highly unlikely, you can use my method.

Save Huge Money When Shopping Online in India – Use These Tips & Tricks

This article was originally written in 2014 when the online shopping trend in India was catching up. It’s coming to over a decade now and the growth has been tremendous.

A lot of people are not comfortable shopping online, the prices also have become competitive, and a lot of online shopping sites have emerged.

But Flipkart and Amazon are two of the Giants that have got the largest share with the Amazon number one. The services mentioned below are still useful in getting the cheapest price for a product available online.

But I am adding some additional tips and tricks that I have used myself and gained from other friends as well.

Join groups on Facebook and telegram

A lot of Facebook and telegram groups have emerged, in the last few years having thousands of members. They are quite active also and share some amazing deals in every few minutes or so.

Most active I’ve found are Telegram groups (called Channels), you can join them and start getting alert messages. Group admin share products with their affiliates links and get Commission from sites. When someone buys a product. But you still pay the same amount, and sometime even crazy low prices.

Install Chrome extensions from product comparison sites

If you are not actively looking to Grab deals and do not want to get deals alerts every now and then, you can install Chrome extensions from comparison sites.

These Chrome extensions will notify you of listing of the same product on another site if you are on the listing page of one of the eCommerce sites.

Join Rewards Sites

There are websites that of a different model. They let you compare a product listed on different eCommerce sites, when you buy bhai the product using their link, they share a part of the commission they get from the E-Commerce sites, with users in the form of rewards.

These rewards can be utilised for getting coupons for purchasing other products, or even be cashed out

Original Article start from here……

You might be aware of how popular these online shopping sites have become by a number of ads being run on the TV these days.

Chances are, you may already have bought a thing or two from these websites. It a great way to shop with the comfort of your couch.

Mostly, the online prices of the products are cheaper than physical stores, but with growing competition in eCommerce,  the online prices are different on each website.

Also, these sites come up with exciting deals and discount coupons for their customers every now and then.

So it’s a better idea to check with multiple sites before you actually buy something online, this single practice will save a huge amount of money.

Here is the drill, how many online shopping sites do you know? Flipkart,, Snapdeal, Jabong would surely be on your list, but there is a range of online shopping sites offering products from almost every category, be it consumer electronics or kitchen appliances or apparel.



Here comes the role of comparison sites, which are growing in number just like the eCommerce sites.

What these comparison sites do is very simple, they show you the prices of a product on all possible eCommerce sites which has listed the product on their sites.

They get a commission out of every purchase the user makes so they are happy to do the hard working of finding the best prices to you.

We tried each comparison site we could find usable and are listing them below. Each site offers comparisons to the prices but is a little different from each other.

But if you have to use just one site use MySmartPrice, which also has a section of Daily Deals which is worth checking out. (which is owned by Amazon) and Buy Hatke also do the job very well.

We tried searching for iPhone 5S on these comparison sites and have attached the screenshots below to show how each and every site performed the search queries to give you a better idea of how each site works.

Compare Raja


Price Dekho


Price Check


IBN Live Compaire India


My Smart Price


Tops Apps to Create Stunning Graphic Photos for Posting on Instagram, Facebook and Sites


In this day and age, we don’t have to worry about uploading images that are not, as a lot of people would call, “Instagram worthy.”

The term is used to describe images that are simple, breathtaking, and worth looking at for a minute or two. Innovations in technology have made it possible for android users to tweak photos while on the go, thanks to image design apps. 

With the abundance of image tools, one can get confused as to which ones are worth downloading and installing on their devices.

This is understandable since almost everyone’s after uploading impressive images on their social media accounts. If you’re among those having a hard time choosing the perfect android apps for images, fret not because we listed down our favorites for you. 


One of the most popular tools that image enthusiasts absolutely love is Canva. It has an interface that’s easy to understand even if you’re still learning the ropes as a photographer or graphic designer.

This multipurpose design tool is the perfect platform for creating social media banners, posters, logos, and other digital images. You can also use it to design invitations for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Its library contains thousands of options for fonts, templates, design elements, and filters that can be conveniently dragged and dropped to the workspace for effortless image creation.

You can download the tool for Android from here.

Fotor Photo Editor – Photo Collage and Photo Effects

Image tools can be intimidating, that’s why beginner-friendly image design apps like Fotor always receive high user ratings. It’s easy to use regardless of whether you’re a total noob or a pro in the field of photography.

Among the existing android apps for images, Fotor is one of the most recommended because of the features and tools it offers. It allows users to tweak their photos by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and filters.

Users can also create interesting collages via this app that can easily be uploaded online. Another special feature that made users give Fotor their nod of approval is its photo licensing feature which is very important these days.

Adobe Photo Spark

Adobe Photoshop Sketch ranks high on our list of design tools because it’s easy to use and it has features that allow its users to create high-quality images.

There are watercolor paint brushes, soft pastels, ink brushes, erasers, thick acrylics, markers, pens, and pencils at your disposal. You can start from scratch, or edit out “flaws” in your image using its blending, opacity, color, and size settings.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch offers endless possibilities to android users with a penchant for photographs. You can also play around with layers that you can transform, restock, merge, and rename to create a unique image. 


If you want to create images the way you would normally sketch them on paper, then this app by Autodesk is the perfect tool for you.

This also comes in handy if you want to sketch all sorts of portraits but unfortunately lack the skills to back it up. You can use any of the pencils or brushes in this 3D app to help you with your sketching journey. 

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Content creators with a flair for effects will definitely give Bonfire Photo Editor two thumbs up. This app is loaded with filters that you can play with to create stunning images for your social media accounts.

You can choose among comic stars, funk filters, black and white HDRs, and other tone filters to find one that will work perfectly with your image. Should you wish to lighten your skin tone a bit, Bonfire Photo Editor Pro has the perfect filter for that too! 

You can use the image design tools we mentioned above for free. However, if you wish to get upgrades on the collection, you may need to invest a bit.

Nonetheless, we can guarantee that these apps are worth the investment because they get the job done.

They’re beginner-friendly, it is easy to navigate around the interface, and they have a library’s worth of design inspirations should you find yourself running out.   With these apps in your arsenal, you’re sure to get thousands of comments and likes on your photos! 

Top 4 Budget Laptops in 2021

It seems that laptops are getting more and more expensive but that is to be expected. You cannot ask for top-quality laptops without sacrificing the price because the best processors and hardware do not come cheap. However, that does not mean there are no decent budget laptops available on the market.

Many computer companies offer a budget series where users can get a decent laptop for a more affordable price. There are a lot of options to choose from but here are our picks for the top budget laptops for the year 2021.

Asus E410

One of the best brands for Windows laptops is Asus and they have quite a good line-up of budget laptops. The Asus E410 is just one of the budget laptops that were released by the company, and it is worth checking out if you are looking for a cheap laptop that can do the job. Some of the pros of the laptop include the cheap price tag, the lightweight body, and the long battery life.

There are some cons to the laptop and that includes the dim screen. Many users are also not a fan of the NumberPad on the trackpad because they find it annoying but that is only a minor inconvenience. The cons do not take away the fact that this laptop is still an above-average device that has decent performance and can handle basic day-to-day tasks. Overall, it is a great value but do not count on it to handle a heavier workload or even games with heavy graphics.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5

There are many options for 2-in-1 laptops on the market but a majority of them are quite pricey. If you are looking for a decent 2-in-1 laptop that will not burn a hole in your wallet, you can check out Lenovo’s IdeaPad series, specifically the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5. While it might not be on the top of the list of convertible laptops, the Flex 5 still performs well and would do well for basic tasks and web surfing.

Asides from the 360-degree hinges that make this laptop a 2-in-1, the Flex 5 also offers good build quality, an outstanding battery life, and a nice keyboard. It also has a good number of ports, and it has Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

Unfortunately, the laptop does not have the best display nor is the trackpad as great as other options. Some users have also noted that the laptop does not charge as quickly as they would like it to.

However, the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 is still a good choice for those looking for a budget convertible laptop.

Acer Aspire 5

Acer laptops have always been the top choice for those looking for budget laptops and there is no wonder why.

Their laptops offer good performance, great battery life, and they work well for work, study, and daily tasks. The Acer Aspire 5 is just one of the budget laptops that are offered by the company, and it comes with some decent benefits.

Some of the pros to the laptop include an excellent battery life that can last through your work, it has a decent selection of ports, and a nice keyboard that feels solid.

However, the design of the Acer Aspire 5 might not be the most attractive and the screen is not up to par with rivalling laptops. The performance and speed of the laptop could also be better, but it can still handle the common office software.

Despite the cons, the laptop would still make a good budget laptop for the office or studies.

HP Pavilion 14

HP has a wide range of budget laptops that work great for all types of tasks, thanks to the quality processors and other solid components. Some of HP’s best-selling laptops come from their Pavilion series and the HP Pavilion 14 is one the best examples for a good all-rounder budget laptop.

It offers good build quality and decent specs, all wrapped up in a stylish design.

The laptop has all you need for a wide range of tasks, including a good webcam, a touchscreen, a fingerprint scanner, and audio from B&O. Performance-wise, the HP Pavilion 14 is commendable, thanks to the 11th Gen Intel processor and the great wireless connectivity.

There is also a good selection of ports if you ever need to plug in any cables. Unfortunately, the battery life is not up to expectations, but it should not be a worry if you have the charger on hand

How to FaceTime with Friends on Android

FaceTime is the go-to video calling platform for Apple users, or at least for most of them.

It is a perfect way to chat and hang out with your friends and peers having an Apple device running on either iOS or macOS.

The specialty of FaceTime lies in its video quality. Unlike other cross-platform video chatting apps, FaceTime does a great job optimizing the quality for every party involved in the call.

Since it comes preinstalled on all Apple devices, it just requires an Apple ID for you to access it from any of your devices, be it an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even an iPod touch.

Talk about the perfect device ecosystem? Apple nails this part.

With that being said, Apple is taking FaceTime even further and making it accessible to non-Apple devices. Sort of.

To give a brief, the spotlight feature in the upcoming iOS 15 updates Apple users to FaceTime with non-Apple users, i.e., Windows PC and Android, through a link that opens in the browser.

Though Apple users can only create the link for others to join in. This way, both parties, irrespective of their OS, can enjoy calls on FaceTime.

How to Create a FaceTime link for Android users

1. Open the FaceTime app
2. Tap on ‘Create Link’
3. Once the share sheet appears, select the desired app to share the link with the other party. Or copy it to paste it elsewhere.
4. Upon creation of the link, the FaceTime Link will appear under ‘Upcoming Calls’

With that done, the other party on Android will join the FaceTime call by simply clicking on the link, which will direct them to a browser window.

Apple utilizes a progressive web app for FaceTime on non-Apple devices, which brings a rich experience and fluid experience of an app but on a browser. Of course, it will have limited features on the Android front of things.

FaceTime for Android in action

This cross-platform FaceTime (kind of) brings in more opportunities for Apple to bring its proprietary apps to other platforms through the browser.

FaceTime alternatives for Android and iOS

FaceTime on Android is finally here, but there are even better alternatives for a hassle-free experience to connect with your friends via video call. These do not require the creation of links, too, at least for your contact list.

So here it goes:

1. WhatsApp

The ever-going messaging app has had video calling ability for quite some time now. The Facebook-owned service has made significant improvements to its video quality and experience with several updates.

The latest update of WhatsApp lets a third party join in an ongoing video call, which is a great thing to have to let people join into your conversations which requires their involvement.

To give a brief, WhatsApp allows eight people to be in a video or voice call simultaneously, which is low compared to Apple’s FaceTime of 32 people. Nonetheless, 8 is also a significant number for a call through the internet.

2. Telegram

If you want to experience the next level of video calling on mobile, Telegram is the way to go.

You’d be surprised to know that Telegram allows a total of 1000 people to be in a video call which is on par or even better than advanced video conferencing services like Zoom and Google Meet.

Unfortunately, Telegram video calls aren’t yet supported on the web app, which could have been great if it did so.

Another perk Telegram video calls bring the ability to screen share with the other party and at the same time be on a call. The other person cannot fiddle with the shared screen, and all the control is in your hands.

3. Instagram

Instagram is most likely to be found on most people’s phones, extremely popular among youngsters. The photo-sharing app also has the functionality to video call your friends and followers.

It supports both individuals as well as group video calling with up to 50 people in it. The Messenger Rooms do a couple of months back. Instagram’s messaging has been merged with Facebook’s Messengers, which allows several features to crossover.

4. Facebook Messenger

Speaking of Messenger, it is a great messaging platform and a video calling app.

Facebook users can interact and communicate via Messenger. It is loaded with tons of features such as mini-games to challenge your friends, messaging bots, modern and fun camera filters, and a plethora of chat themes.

With that being some alternatives of FaceTime, which you can use both on iOS and Android as all are available on their respective application stores, i.e., App Store and Google Play Store.

If you have an Apple user in your circle or you use one, FaceTime on Android is worth a try if you’re into video calls.