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14 Free and Best iPhone Apps for 2021 to Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone


There are millions of ants in the iOS App Store in the number is only increasing.

But other iPhones have got a limited space and we can only install a handful of them. Searching for the best apps out of these millions of apps is quite a task.

So we have simplified the task of finding the best apps in each category and listed them out here in this post.

We will not be putting common app such as Twitter Facebook except for because you already know about them, the focus is to bring the best apps in different categories to ease the job of finding the best ones for yourself.

Best Keyboard app

Apple allowed iOS users to install third-party keyboard apps after the release of IOS 8. Though there are a bunch of keyboard apps available for iOS devices the best one viewed recruitment is SwiftKey.

The implementation of 50 on the iOS device is pretty cool, and when you switch from stock keyboard to the SwiftKey keyboard on the iOS device you will know why SwiftKey keyboard is the best keyboard app available.

Install from iOS App Store

Best Note-taking app

We recommend Evernote for taking notes on your iPhone. Evernote is a cross-platform app to take notes in different formats, it actually works like a digital Notebook in which you can save a piece of stacked, put reminders, a save a picture, scan receipts, and other documents and keep it safe.

The free version lets you install the app on two devices so that you can keep your important files synced so they are available anything you want.

Install from iOS App Store

Best File Manager app

We recommend file manager app for iOS devices. File manager is a free ad-supported app, that will fix your need for a file manager on iOS devices.

The app has a clean interface where we can easily create files and folders you can also and various cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Dive, and much more.

Install from iOS App Store 

Best Office App

We recommend WPS office for iOS devices, it supports all major formats and is perfect for opening document file that you receive my email or messaging apps.

The app will let you create, view, edit, and convert documents into PDF call on your iOS device.

Install from iOS App Store 

Best browser app

We recommend Google Chrome browser for browsing websites on your iOS device.

While Safari is sufficient for a lot of people, if we use Google Chrome on PC then Google Chrome app on the iOS device will help you get all your bookmarks and browsing history on your mobile phone which is helpful and quite productive as well.

Install from iOS App Store

Best photo editing app

We recommend Picsart Photo as the best photo editing app for iOS devices. While there are so many apps for editing photos on the iOS devices, we found PicsArt Photo to be the best with tons of features.

Install from iOS App Store

Best screen recording app

The best app for recording screen on iPhone and other iOS devices is TechSmith Capture.

Recording your screen can be helpful in creating tutorials both for the family if you want to show them something how to do it on iPhone or uploaded the tutorial on YouTube

Install from iOS App Store

Best Video Editing app

We recommend a movie as the best video editing app for iOS devices. The eye movie app was initially available for just Macs, but it was later released for iOS devices as well. I movie is free and is excellent software for editing videos on the go.

The Other apps that you will find on the App Store for editing videos are either paid or the free versions had a watermark it doesn’t look good.

Install from iOS App Store

Best RSS feed app

We recommend feel the app for reading your favorite blogs in a nice clutter-free interface.
Feedly is one of the best RSS feed reader software for iOS devices. If you would love reading blog post I have some favorite blogs you can organize them in Philly and read your favorite post all at one place.

The app has 2 modes, and night mode and Elite mode and it also has a ‘ read it later’ feature so that you can save best blog post for reading later

Install from iOS App Store

Best Cloud Storage app

We recommend Google Drive as the best cloud storage app for iOS devices. Even though Apple offers iCloud which has 5 GB of free space for every iOS account, Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage, and the fact that the service is tied with a Google account it makes it is here to access your content (files, images etc) from PC.

If you are a user of Google Docs and other office apps offered by Google then Google drive App will also let you access them easily.

Install from iOS App Store

Best Video Calling app

We recommend Google duo for video calling, the iOS devices have FaceTime and many people are tied to the Apple ecosystem just because of services like these which are exclusive to iOS devices.

But, if you want a more universal which can let you do video calling even with Android users then duo app is the best video calling app out there.

Google duo, however, is a one on one video calling app, if you want a group calling you can also use Facebook Messenger or the Skype Messenger which offer free group video calling and are quite amazing apps as well.

Install from iOS App Store

Best Video Player App

We recommend VLC for mobile as the best video player app for iOS devices. It is perhaps the only to free app that is also not at supported.

And there isn’t any video file format that VLC does not support, you can play in not just video files but audio files as well.

So in case if you are not happy with the stock video player you can always use this third-party video player.

Install from iOS App Store

So these are some of the best iPhone apps in different categories.

We have sorted them out because they are the best and free apps available for iPhone and other iOS devices. But in the end, it all comes down to user preference. So, in case if you use any other App in different categories you can search for it in the app store.

Also check out the best Apps for Android Apps in different category if you are an Android User, (or share it with an Android user)

10 Tips to Successfully Start a Business


Starting a new business can be very exciting, but also overwhelming. When you are starting up your business, it is important to plan to avoid costly mistakes and maintain a level head. There are numerous things that you have to consider before you even begin to make decisions on what you should do with your company, and when it comes down to success or failure.

While starting a business, you have to consider numerous factors from consumer financing programs from small business to marketing strategies. Here are 10 major things you should consider when starting a new business.

Defining The Niche of Your Company

One of the most important things you have to consider when starting a new business is defining what niche your company will fall under. It’s not hard to find companies that do similar work as yours, so it’s easy for consumers to compare prices or quality and eventually go with cheaper options.

However, if you can find something unique about your company then there won’t be competition which makes marketing more effective because people who want this type of product can only get it from you.

Determine the Type of Product or Service You are Offering

Before starting a business, it is necessary to consider what your company is going to provide. Be specific about the target demographic and what makes it unique from other similar products. Determining the type of product or services you are offering to customers affects your business plan, marketing strategies, the requirement of labor, and all other aspects of your company.

Determine the Market For Your Product or Service

Once you have determined what type of services or product that your company will offer, it is time to find out whether there is an existing demand in the market. This can be done through research and consumer surveys as well as interviewing people on how they feel about the industry.

It may also help to reach out to other companies who already exist within those markets and see if they would like cooperation agreements (e-commerce). Once you’ve found these answers, then it’s up to marketing strategy on where and how to achieve your goals.

Create a Business Plan

Creating an effective plan will help you with more details about how you want your company to operate. This includes items like marketing expenses, budgeting plan, staffing needs, and much more. It’s easier to create this when defining your niche idea because it helps in determining potential obstacles that may come up later.

In addition, writing down all ideas can be beneficial if they are not feasible now but might be in the future so it doesn’t get forgotten at all. The business plan also helps to determine the aspects of your company that need more investment, one example is marketing.

Getting Licenses from Local Authority

Getting licensed from a local authority is not only a requirement but it will also make your business more legitimate. There are certain licenses that you require to operate your successful business, and one of them is the commercial license from local authorities. It’s not just required by law, but it can also help legitimize your company. You should be aware of the local authorities that require any licenses to operate your business.

Most often, it is a requirement for commercial businesses but there may also be licensing requirements if you are providing products or services in your area. Depending on where you live there might be certain licenses required in order to operate a successful business.

Getting Financing Options

For starting a business successfully, maintaining a stream of cash flow is important. You have several financing options for that:

  • Borrowing money from family members.
  • Applying to a bank or credit union.
  • Looking for lending services, like retail financing programs.
  • Turning to private investors, such as friends, relatives, and others who would like to invest in your company’s growth potential.

If you’re not aware of how much capital you need before starting up with your own company, it is best if you do some research beforehand so that you don’t end up trying an unsustainable model. A lot of people make this mistake because they don’t feel ready but once they’ve started their new venture they realize there isn’t enough cash flow coming in as hoped.

Build a Marketing plan

Having a marketing plan is essential to any new business. The marketer needs to know what the company does, where they do it, and how they are going to promote their services or product. Marketing your business via digital or traditional means can help establish your company’s presence in the community and grow a customer base.

Today, social media channels like YouTube and Facebook are a great way to reach the consumer base that is most interested in what you have to offer.

Creating an Online Website

You can also create a website for promoting your business, or a blog to host content that’s relevant and interesting for your customers. Your business needs to have a website if you want people to find it on the internet. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re looking for someone specific, they’ll be easier to locate with an online search than they would be relying solely on word-of-mouth referrals alone. Your site should offer concise information about what services or products you sell as well as how much they cost so consumers can quickly get all the details when considering making purchases from your company.

Remember to have a Professional Presence

A professional website is vital for any startup, as it positions your business as knowledgeable and credible among potential customers. Websites not only provide necessary information about what you do but also showcase completed projects or testimonials from satisfied clients so that those looking at the site can see how great of an impact they’ve had on past work. It may be tempting to create your own template with minimal effort required; however, this will leave your new venture open for criticism because visitors will assume you are incompetent due to its poorly made appearance.

Differentiate Your Brand

When starting your own business, it’s important to keep tabs on the competition and make sure there isn’t anything close by with similar offerings as yours. However, be careful not to get too caught up obsessing over other companies! Keep doing all of your work so that you can stay ahead of them instead.

If you want clients from competitors then make sure that your branding strategy stands out among them so that people can tell the difference between your products or services with theirs. Make an actionable (not just ambitious) goal for yourself as if you were starting fresh today. There’s no time like now. Even if you don’t have much in terms of resources, there will come a day when all of this work will pay off. It may not be tomorrow but eventually, success will happen in one way or another.

Ultimate & Easy to use Screen Capture Tool for Mac & PC


These days, every computer and mobile device has got the feature of capturing screenshots natively built into the system.

On mobile phones, it combines the power button and volume button, and even some hand gestures on the screen.

On computers, it is a combination of keys. So, for example, if you want to take a screenshot on Windows, you can press the Windows key and print screen key together, then use the Paint app to paste the Screenshot that is saved on the clipboard.

And if you want to take a screenshot on a Mac computer you can press the Shift, Command and three on the keyboard. Thumbnail for the Screenshot will appear on the corner of your screen.

Native solutions would be sufficient for people who have to take screenshots occasionally.

But for someone who’s part of the job it to capture screenshots, when hands to make tutorials, eBooks, Guides, or simply saving some information for later, you can try other third-party apps which will make the process of taking screenshots easier with a lot of other features as well.

My Choice of App for Taking Screenshots on Mac and PC

For years I have used the native solution for taking screenshots, third-party editing apps to make edits or Annanote the screenshots.

Download Snagit Free
Download Snagit Free

This workflow also worked for me, but I found a better solution. One of my friends introduced me to Snagit, an app that lets you quickly take a screenshot and then open it in its built-in editor to make edits to the Screenshot, such as drawing Arrow, numbers, boxes, resizing the Screenshot, changing png to jpg to vice versa. It made life easy.

You can take a look at how great Snagit is against the native solutions to take screenshots on Computers.

After I started using SnagIt over ten years ago, I never had to look for any other tool. It’s a perfect solution for those who want to create professional web tutorials.

Pro Tip: Snagit has its own combination of keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots.

But I have remapped that combination to a single key, so that I can take screenshots with just one click of a button. Check out this guide to remap keys on your keybaord.

Since it is a feature pack, this app that is available for both Windows and Mac falls in the category of premium apps, which means you have to purchase it.

But if you are not looking to invest in a screenshot-taking app, there are free solutions as well. I would advise you to use the Google Chrome browser to use these free Chrome extensions for taking screenshots.

Scroll Screenshot & Video Recorder easily gives you the option for taking screenshots as well as screencast videos.

Nimbus is another Chrome extension that I used on my Chromebook, since Snagit is not avaiable for Chrome OS. There are many other Chrome extensions you can find in the Chrome web store.

But you can take either of the two extensions I mentioned, and they will get the job done.

Want to Use Your Mobile for Creating Videos? This Guide Should Be Helpful


Smartphones take away a lot of limitations creative filmmakers can find themselves in. From shooting videos in too crowded situations to putting the camera in extremely tight places, smartphones are pretty capable in this matter.

With the advancement in the Smartphone market, you have the Ultimate camera in your pocket,

That has got a battery that can last for several hours,

That has brought a microphone of excellent quality,

That has got all the frame rates and resolutions you would want,

That has stabilization that frees you from spending money on expensive rigs and trained cameraperson to operate it.

And heck, it has even got a video editing software to put together all your clips and create your video from anywhere in the world.

This movie was shot on a Mobile Phone, in 2017.

Which smartphone to choose for shooting your videos?

Before 2020 I would have suggested you opt for a this inexpensive under $70 martphone Gimbal. I even wrote an article suggesting some affordable options.

The reason is Optical Image Stabilization, when works together with Electronic Image Stabilization, can give some fantastic output if you are talented and have got stable hands.

But as of 2020, smartphones with optical image stabilization have gone out of reach as they are only found in flagship smartphones that are now about $1000.

But the good thing is, mid-range smartphones have got improved camera performance, even though they do not have Optical Image Stabilization, the Electronic Image Stabilization is pretty amazing and when you take an affordable smartphone Gimbal, which will still be a lot cheaper than buying a flagship smartphone with Optical Image Stabilization.

My favorite pic would be this inexpensive under $70 martphone Gimbal that’s also pretty tiny to carry in your second pocket.

If you still want me to name a few smartphones, you can check out this list of my favorite mid-range smartphones to create videos.

Which accessories should I opt for my smartphone for creating videos?

As I mentioned in the article above, I would suggest anyone going for a Smartphone Gimbal if you are not already spending more than a thousand dollars on a flagship smartphone.

But if you already have decided on a smartphone and do not want to go for a Gimbal, you should buy a Mini Tripod. My favorite is this cheap tripod / selfie stick that I purchased for just under $20.

The selfie stick has got itself a bad name because of the overuse and the availability of cheap quality selfie sticks. But they are pretty impressive, especially for getting some unique angles.

If you have a selfie stick, you can extend it to a folder and then mimic some fantastic shots like a crane shot that starts from the bottom and Rises, or vice versa. Or some low-angle shots, shots from where your hands couldn’t reach otherwise.

Then it is also pretty helpful in doing a vlogging style video where you are the one who is recording yourself and does not want to look like a fool in public, stretching your arms to the max.

The other crucial accessory for your smartphone for video production I would suggest is to get a microphone. I’ve already stated that the microphones on mobile phones are pretty awesome, but the subject is closer to the camera when you are indoors.

If you want to record film-style videos where the subject would be away from the camera, it would be nice to have a microphone closer to them.

If you are on a budget, you can go for a lapel microphone, something like Boya M1, that would cost you under $15.

It gives you a 20 feet long cable, which is quite enough to do many different kinds of videos. You can even use it as a boom mic if you wrap it around a stick play sit on the top of your subject, outside of the frame.

But having a wireless solution would be an excellent investment for any video. A $250 rode wireless go would be the best solution. The audio quality is fantastic. The range is impressive; it doesn’t have any interference issues with other wireless frequencies.

Which frame rate and resolution on how to opt for mobile videos

Smartphones offer different frame rates, such as 30fps, 60fps, and even 120fps and 240 fps for Slo-Mo. My suggestion would be to use 30fps for non-sporty videos.

For example, if you are recording a video by just sitting and talking into the camera, using 60fps for your video would waste resources.

But if you are trying to capture some action, it is better to record what we do in a higher frame because you will have the option to Slow it Down for a slow-motion effect.

Recording videos in 60fps works best when there is a fair amount of light available, for example, outdoors in the daytime.

120fps or 240fps is quite gimmicky and does not at all work indoors. It is better to avoid them because even a 60fps video will give you a pretty nice slow motion, up to 50% when creating a project with 30 FPS and up to 40% when starting a project with 24 FPS.

Many smartphones now offer 4K resolution, but these are usually the flagship smartphones that can capture 4K pretty nicely. I am yet to see a mid-range smartphone that captures 4K that does make a difference.

Also, for recording 4K videos, you need to have a smartphone with ample storage with 128 GB or 256 GB.

Unless you have a flagship smartphone, you should stick to 1080p videos because it’s a standard. However, if you plan to upload your videos on YouTube, most people will watch your videos in full HD.

Also, mobile filmmaking is meant to lift the barrier of having an expensive video rig and gain the audience’s attention from the video’s content.

Which editing software to use for editing mobile videos

Suppose you already have a computer and are only limited to create videos because of the lack of a camera. In that case, you can still transfer your footage from your mobile camera to your computer and then use your existing video editing software on your computer.

I use AirDroid to drop the video footage recorded from my Android mobile to my laptop. This is a pretty excellent wireless solution that works nicely.

The wired and no fuss solution would be to have an external SSD. The benefit is that it can be connected directly to a smartphone with a USB Type C (mostly all the smartphones did in 2020).

You can move all your footage to the SSD and then connect it to your computer and edit those videos without having to move them to your computer.

Suppose you do not have a powerful computer that is not sufficient to edit videos (we are talking about 1080p videos). In that case, you can take advantage of another fantastic feature of your smartphone: the ability to run apps.

You can install a video editing app on your mobile phone and then directly cut your video.

It takes a little longer to edit videos on a mobile phone because of the limiting screen size and lack of a keyboard, but you are also saving time moving all the footage from your mobile phone to your computer.

Another factor in your favor is that mobile phones can run even 4K videos pretty smoothly. And the fact that they have got batteries, you don’t need to be connected to a power socket when you are editing your video, which means you can edit from anywhere.

So it might take you some time to get used to editing videos on a mobile phone, but you will eventually get accustomed to the ease of editing on a mobile phone.

Once you are done with your edit, you can directly upload it from your mobile phone to YouTube.

I have written a detailed article talking about different video editing software for mobile phones.

But if you are not interested in reading another article, my favorite video editing app for mobile phones would be the Kinemaster app. It’s available for both Android and iOS and was pretty similar on both platforms.

Kinemaster is my favorite because it supports different frame rate projects. For example, if you want to make cinematic kinds of videos, you can select to export your videos in 24fps, which means if you’re going to slow down your 60fps videos on your mobile phone, you can slow it down 40% and still get a smooth video.

Another great thing about the kinemaster app is that it supports multiple layers, which means you can also add overlays to your videos. There are different effects also available to Spice up your videos.

You have to use the app and use it more and more to discover its true potential. However, there is a lot of things that you can do with the kinemaster app.

Lastly, you can follow this tag for all the collections of articles under the mobile filmmaking series.

How to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark


If you have been living under a rock for the last few months, there is news for you TikTok has recently surpassed Facebook in the number of downloads on the Android platform.

TikTok is an incredibly addictive mobile-first social media platform, where anyone can put short 15 seconds to 1-minute videos and get any instant fame.

TikTok is e the early and calcination of the musical app, which was acquired and then rebranded as TikTok.

While musically only offered users to put up their videos lip-syncing to music and dialogues, TikTok wants to do more and has been approaching different artists so that the variety of content on TikTok’s platform can be broadened.

Now you can find educational content related to skills and entertainment and comedy sketches as well.

The good thing about TikTok is that it easily allows anyone to save any video from another platform and share it on other social media channels or even instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook or whatever medium you prefer.

What it does is it puts a watermark of its logo on every video that users save so that people who view it on other social platforms can find the user and follow them on TikTok.

It is also a way of indirectly promoting TikTok on other platforms.

While it is okay for many people to download videos with the watermark of TikTok, there is a specific group of people who would want to have a clean video without any watermark.

Maybe you want the videos you want to share on other platforms, and you do not wish to show TikTok.

There is a group of people who use TikTok for creating music videos of themselves but not publish it on the platform and use it as a WhatsApp status or even Instagram stories.

In these cases there is a workaround that lets you download TikTok videos without any watermark.

Web Apps

TikTok Video Downloader

TikTok downloader is a web app, which means it is available on any platform. It would be best if you had your browser to access it.

All you need is the video URL you want to download, and then copy-paste it into the web app.

To get the URL, you can tap on the share icon, which will be available somewhere at the bottom right-hand side. For example, in the share option, one option would be a copy of the URL.

If you want to do it on your mobile itself, you can open the TikTok Video downloader on your mobile browser. It will quickly let you download the video without the watermark.

If for some reason TikTok video downloader does not work, carries an alternative web app called SSS TikTok.

Here’s another tool that will easily let you download TikTok videos without the watermark, You can check it out here. I liked the UI. It’s clean and shows fewer ads. It also lets you download mp3 music from TikTok videos, which many users are interested in.

Here is a video tutorial showing you how to use the web app.

Android Mobile Apps

If you look for a mobile app for Android that will let you download it, talk with us, there will be plenty in the Play Store.

The most popular is Video Downloader for TikTok. And it is Video Downloader for TikTok – No Watermark

The process of downloading TikTok videos without the watermark is pretty straightforward, tap on the share icon on the video you want to download, and then select the video downloader for the TikTok app, and you are done.

Similarly, you can use also use the Snaptube app to download TikTok videos. The great thing about Snap tube is that it also lets her download videos from YouTube, Instagram, and other popular sources.

But since it does not comply with the policy of Google, it is not available in the Play Store. You can check out this article to download the latest version of the Snaptube app for Android.

Download TikTok videos without watermark using TikTok modded app

This is by far the quickest option to download TikTok videos without any watermark.

Instead of using the official TikTok app, you can use the modded APK of TikTok. The Modded APK of TikTok has been modified to unlock features and limitations of the official TikTok app. If you are not familiar with what modded APK is, you can check out this article.

Since modded APKs do not comply with policies set by Google, it is not available in Play Store, but you can download it from other sources.

The only trick is which source to trust since an unofficial developer has modified it.

If you want to download Instagram Reels, check out these tools.

7 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone


iPhones have changed the way se use our Phones. It’s the one that brought the App ecosystem, and it gave a boost to mobile photography and videography.

Cameras of iPhone have always been ahead of their competition. Not just the hardware, the software is also superior on their hardware.

Almost every app that I used on iPhone, is better than its Android version. And that’s a fact.

Recently launched iPhones are powerful enough to be used as a primary device to edit videos. Moreover, the availability of great apps makes it possible to do it without much effort.

There are a handful of quality video editing apps available for iOS, which we will discuss in this article.

1. iMovie

iMovie is my personal favourite video editor for iPhone. I have used it to edit Vlogs, Small Videos for Social Media and even Wedding Movies that don’t require many graphics.

If you own an iPhone, this should be your number one choice. And since it is from Apple, it is free to use without any watermarks.

And the best feature of the iMovie is, you can add the clips you want to edit in a timeline and then ear drop the project file to your Macbook computer so that you can continue editing the video on your computer without losing any quality.

And if you use Final Cut Pro on a MacBook computer, you can import the iMovie project

2. Luma Fusion

If you want to edit videos on your iPhone, Luma Fusion is perfect for almost everyone. It has features that iMovie does not have.

Unlike iMovie, which only support landscape Mode (16:9 aspect ratio), the Luma Fusion also supports Portrait Mode. The UI is a little overwhelming, but it’s worth investing time in learning this app if you are serious about video editing on Mobile.

Not only that, but Luma Fusion also has a wide variety of effects and graphics you can use on your videos.

Another great thing about Luma Fusion is that it is available at one time payment, so you don’t have to pay monthly or yearly subscription.

3. InShot

This is my favourite video editing tool for or editing portrait mode videos for putting up on Instagram IGTV, or Instagram Reels, or even Facebook.

It does not offer many features, but that is what makes it a great video editing app.

Although you can edit videos in different aspect ratios, I find it best for Instagram videos. The effects and filters are too good.

4. Kinematic Pro

The Kinemaster video editing app is available for iOS and Android, and the good thing is that it is available for free.

Although the free version will add a watermark on the bottom right corner of the video, it does not limit any feature. Therefore, mostly everything is available in the free version.

It is a high-quality video editing app available for iOS, and you can use it for creating professional quality videos, even for YouTube. We have shared a guide about creating cinematic videos from mobile phones where we have mentioned this Android app.

5. FilmoraGo Video Editor

If you do not want to spend much time editing videos and looking for a simple app to stitch together many home videos to create a movie, FilmoraGo video editor is the easiest option.

All you have to do is select all the videos selected the predefined music and theme in the app, and you are done Creating your movie.

It also gives you the option to rearrange videos, add some other effects, and restart credits.

Like the other two apps mentioned above, the free version gives a tiny watermark on the bottom right-hand side. You can get rid of it by paying a small fee.

6. Adobe Premiere Rush

People familiar with the Adobe Premiere Pro video editor on the desktop would easily trust a video editing app for Android from Adobe.

Although it is nowhere near the Adobe Premiere pro for desktop, it still offers pretty valuable features on a smartphone.

The app lets you stitch together a couple of videos. Still, the best part of the Adobe Premiere Rush is that you can use its automatic sync to music feature, which helps create cinematic videos.

When you add music of your choice to the video clips, it will work on it and use the ‘cut to the music beat‘ technique which changes the video scenes with every sound beat in the music which is visually pleasing to watch.

Also, there is no watermark on the videos in the free version.

I prefer Adobe Premiere Pro when I have a couple of Creative shots on my mobile phone. All I have to do is at these videos into the Adobe Premiere clip app, add music and let the app do its magic.

7. Splice Video Editor

Splice is another great tool to create spicy videos for Social Media. The UI is easy to understand, and the timeline makes it easy to put graphics and blend video clips to the music.

If you have a following on Instagram, you should use Inshot or Splice, pick the one you like the most, invest time learning to edit videos on it.

How to Find Who Views Your Instagram Profile?


With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the 6th largest social networking site globally.

So it is apparent people ask a lot of questions regarding Instagram. One of the most popular questions is how to find who has viewed your Instagram profile.

Since most of the user base of Instagram is young people, people use Instagram to stalk other people. It could be an Ex-partner, or a Friend, a competition or just a crush.

It is apparent people would have this curiosity of knowing who is viewing their profile.

Unfortunately, there is no native solution to finding who is viewing your profile, as Instagram does not have a feature like this.

However, I Would Still give you some tips you can apply to find who stalks your profile.

Post Stories on Instagram Regularly

Although Instagram does not show who has viewed your profile, its stories feature I will tell you who has video stories.

Stories disappear after 24 hours of posting, and you can see who all have viewed your story. So it would mean, only people who were active in the last 24 hours have viewed your stories.

So this will give you some idea of who is active on Instagram and who views your profile.

Check which Posts are Gettings Likes

This is a little tricky, but I’ll still explain how you can use this trick to find if someone is stalking your profile.

You can turn on notification for Instagram to make a habit of checking the notifications for Instagram likes.

Also, notice if your older to have got any likes recently. If that’s the case, it’s most probably someone who was stalking your profile and scrolling down your posts and have accidentally liked one of the posts because after double tap to like feature.

It is not sure that only a stalker would like a post from a few months ago, but it is doubtful, the like you got is an organic one because Instagram would not show your older posts in someone’s news feed.

Use the Bio-Link Feature in Instagram to Find out Who views your Instagram Profile.

This is a bit advanced trick and does not tells explicitly which user has viewed your Instagram profile, but it is still pretty interesting.

You can use an analytic service to figure out who clicks on your Instagram bio link. Link shortener services like Linkly would let you shorten any URL which you can put in your Instagram Bio.

For example, you can use this service to shorten your Twitter profile, or any other social media presence or maybe your most favourite Instagram post.

When we use the link shortener to short in the URL and put it in the Instagram bio, someone Clicks on it. The link shortening service will give you some information such as What time the link was clicked, the user’s IP Address, the device they used, their Country.

This data would not pinpoint the particular Instagram user but will give you some idea if you are looking to know whether a specific person is viewing your Instagram or not.

Link is a premium service because the tool is pretty excellent for Web publisher, affiliate marketers etc., who want to get as much data as possible. But the service also offers a free plan which is sufficient for a use case like this.

If you are the person who wants to be cautious and want to be aware of whether the other person will be able to know if you have viewed their profile, now you know what things you should avoid getting caught.

Jokes aside, if you want to view someone’s story without falling in their view words list, check out this article.

5 Best iMovie Alternatives for Windows Computers


Video editing is an extensive-term. One can either be editing videos for big media houses. For example, an influencer would want to create videos for their social media profiles or a YouTuber looking for the best video editor for editing their vlogs.

If you are looking for Pro tools, this is not an article for you. Instead, in this guide, we will list some lightweight software that can run smoothly on mid-range affordable laptops/desktops.

This article is more like listing iMovie like software for Windows computers.

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor a perfect example of a well-balanced video editor with simplicity and features.

It is light enough to be easily operated on mid-range computers. In addition, it has all the feature anyone would require to cut their videos for various use cases.

You can download it for free.

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi is another great video editing software available for Windows. It’s also similar to the iMove of Mac computers.

If you have a laptop with not so great configuration, this lightweight video editor would be the best solution for video editing.

Cyberlink Power Director 

Cyberlink Power Director has been there for Windows for a long time. It’s UI (User Interface) is not as modern as Filmora and Movavi, but it still has easy to understand UI.


Camtasia is mainly an app for creating screencasts, and the video editor is just a part of it. However, you can still use it for editing long videos.

I’ve used it for years for creating videos for YouTube.

It’s a little expensive than rest of the Video editors i mentioned in this list. But If you are looking to create professional tutorials, you should consider getting this premium tool.

Don’t use the following Video Editors if you have an Mid-Range Budget Windows Laptop / Desktop

Da Vinci Resolve

Although Da Vinci Resolve video editor can be downloaded for free, it is not for mid-range budget Windows laptops.

It’s heavy and complex and requires a bit of learning to use it properly. It’s easy for people to recommend this for video editing, but it’s not the best for everyone.

If your objective is to create home videos, vlogs or social media content, where you simply have to add a few clips, add text and filters to make it look pretty. You don’t need a software as complex as this.

Adobe Premier Pro

The same goes for Adobe Premiere Pro. Many folks ask me whether they should use Adobe Premier Pro as some influencer creator or YouTuber suggests it.

This is both, an expensive and a complex video edting software. And if you are looking for an iMove alternative, you probably are looking for a rather simple and straightforward software, which Adobe Premier Pro is not.

Vegas Pro

If you ever get recommendations for using Vegas Pro, you should ignore it. I used it for a while, for like six months, and it was my worst time editing videos.

The UI is complex, the software is heavy, and the rending time of videos (exporting time) is awful.

On a side note, if you have a computer that cannot handle even the lightweight video editors like Filmora and Movavi, don’t worry. You can still use your Android mobile for video editing.

And if you are shooting videos from your Mobile phone, that would be even better. Check out Video editing apps for Android.

Also, here is a helpful guide for creating better videos using your mobile phone.

How to Create Professional Looking Tutorials and Guides for Your Web-Based Product


If you are a blogger or an influencer, or a company that has got a web-based product, creating tutorials and helpful guides for your users is part of the job.

Tutorials are easy to follow because of their visual nature. Using a lot of graphics, screenshots, and charts makes it easy for the users to follow.

What differentiates between professional tutorials and not so professional tutorials is their clarity and easy to understand visuals.

Create A Broader Tutorial

While it is helpful for the readers to go through a specific tutorial, it will be stressful for you to create multiple tutorials and select the right one.

The best way would be to identify a broad problem, query, which may have a few more queries along with the steps of a certain process. You can then specify each query or address a common question. 

Making Use of the Headings,

And sub heading to separate points,

Bold the key words,

  • Use the bullet points for steps
  • Because it makes it easy to read.

Add many images; it could be screenshots of the web product you are teaching your readers about or photographs of the physical products showing each critical step clearly.

One in-depth, high-quality tutorial is far better than creating multiple tutorials for similar queries or tasks.

Tools For Creating Charts and Graphs,

Use websites like Canva, PiktoChart etc. I use Canva almost every day. It is a web-based app and also has an Android and iOS app.

Apart from using it for creating high quality tutorials, I also use it for creating Social Media graphics. The mobile app makes it easy to do it on the mobile.

Tools For Creating Screenshots and Annanoting them with Arros and Texts

Download Snagit Free
Download Snagit Free

You can use Snagit. You can download Snagit for Free and try it for 30 days without purchasing. This is enough time to know its value for doing professional tutorials.

Snagit Editor is a helpful tool, not just as an app to annanote screenshots, but you can edit images and photos you download from the internet. It’s a quick tool to make minor edits and manipulations to any image.

Almost every image I upload to my blogs has to go through the Snagit Editor to make sure it’s at a particular dimension, jpeg with 80% of its quality to make it weigh under 100kb. So, I guess it’s a must-have tool for bloggers like me.

Tools Required for Creating Screencast Tutorials

If you are creating screencast or screen capture type tutorial videos, you can also look at Camtasia, which is from the same company the Snagit app is from.

The Camtasia app also has an inbuilt Video Editor with features perfect for creating high-quality tutorials. I used the video Editor for a long time after Windows Movie Maker and completed 100s of videos.

I’ll do a dedicated article mentioning all the tools and steps you need to create professional screencast tutorials which you can read here.

How to use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Mobile?


WhatsApp is any state messaging app that is used by over 1 billion people worldwide.

And while it may have been in the news because of its privacy policies (Facebook’s privacy policies), it continues to be one of the most popular messaging apps available.

So much that almost everyone who uses the internet has got a WhatsApp account.

Please Note: Due to software restrictions, this feature is not currently available on iOS Devices. 

In fact, in recent years, we have seen people using two WhatsApp accounts, one for work one for personal usage.

And part of the reason is that mostly all the mobile phones are now dual-sim mobile phones which allow users to have two mobile numbers in one mobile.

So people are often looking for ways to utilize both their numbers to create WhatsApp accounts and use both the accounts on the same mobile phone.

However, WhatsApp does not allow multiple accounts on a single device like Instagram, Facebook, despite all the three products belonging to the same company.

Thankfully Smartphone manufacturers realize the use case of their users and now have started offering features that allow users to use Dual WhatsApp on their mobile phones.

Currently, popular Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus.

Dual Whatsapp in Samsung

You can follow this official guide provided by Samsung on their website to activate dual messenger.

You will find dual messenger in the advanced feature from the settings area of your smartphone.

It will give you a list of all the apps that are compatible with the dual messenger. Just toggle the switch for the app you want to use—WhatsApp in this case.

Follow the instructions, and you will be able to activate dual Messenger for WhatsApp.

Dual WhatsApp Messenger in Asus

Asus calls it ‘Twin apps’, which can be found inside the Advanced section from the Settings area of the smartphone.

The Twin apps also have a list of all the compatible apps you can use on your mobile phone. Toggle the switch for WhatsApp, follow the instructions and you are done.

Dual WhatsApp Messenger in Xiaomi Mobiles

Similarly, Xiaomi also has got the dual messenger feature on mobile phones. And to activate the dual messenger feature for WhatsApp, you can find it in the app section from the settings area.

Here is the path

Settings -> Apps – Dual Apps.

Find the WhatsApp from the list and then create a dual WhatsApp to use.

Currently, I have access to mobile phones from these manufacturers, but other Smartphone manufacturers such as LG, Motorolla, Huawei also offer similar dual WhatsApp features.

In case if you are looking for using a single WhatsApp account on multiple devices, you may check out this guide which will let you do it.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 PC


Windows 10 was launched in July 2015, and after almost more than half a decade, Microsoft is ready with their next version, the windows 11.

But while it is still some time for the new version of Windows to be released, Windows 10 users have got some nice improvements in the form of updates in the last six years.

The user base of Windows 10 is currently over a billion, which is quite a significant number.

Although Windows 10 has been the best operating system ever created by Microsoft, it still has got some issues its users face daily. 

One of the significant issues is the PC slowing down after several months of using it. Quick solution to it to restore factory reset Windows 10, which will solve the problem of slowing down.

To factory reset the Windows 10, click on start / Windows I can on the extreme bottom left of your screen.

When the menu appears, click on the settings (the gear icon), which will open a window giving you many options.

Click on update and security with have the option of Windows update, recovery, backup. Another list of options will appear, click on recovery, and then click on get started.

How to reset Windows 10 without losing data / How to reset Windows 10 PC that keeps all your files / How to reset Windows 10 without losing data

Once you have selected ‘Reset this PC,’ you will have two options.

Keep my files: keep all your files while removing installed apps and system settings.

Remove everything: which is like a fresh install of Windows 10 OS on your PC.

Once you have selected your option, click on Rest.

You will have to follow the instructions from here on, which might take a couple of minutes. Once the reset is complete, your computer will restart.

How to factory reset Windows 10 without login

If you are looking for a solution to reset Windows 10 without logging into your computer, you forgot the password.

You can factory reset Windows 10, but it will be a fresh install which means you will also lose all your files saved in the partition of your hard drive where the OS is installed. Usually, it is C: Drive.

On the login screen of Windows 10, you will find the power icon on the bottom right-hand side. The button will give you options like Sleep, Shut Down, Restart.

Press the Shift key on your keyboard and click on Restart. The computer will restart and will give you a few options to select.

Choose troubleshoot, which will give you two options.

  • Reset this PC
  • Advanced Options

When I click on reset this PC, you get to options again

  • Keep my files
  • Remove everything

At this point, if you choose to keep my files, you will have to remember the password to the administrator (mean user) of the computer.

But if you do not have it, you should select ‘Remove everything.’

Select remove everything, click on reset on the next step. And then select as per your choice.

  • Just remove my files
  • Fully clean the drive

Once you selected the options, click on reset and wait for Windows 10 to restart.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Snapchat


Since we are a tech blog, we keep getting questions about all things tech. I will be looking at the queries made by users on the website, and a lot of it was about Snapchat.

These are the questions that can be answered in a few lines. So it is not necessary to create dedicated articles for each of the prairies. The best solution on found is to create a FAQ page answering all the questions.

Snapchat has its FAQ page, not that the information is a not available error or anywhere else. Still, since people land on this website and then look for a particular very maybe, we should have this page and possibly a similar page for other products.

How to delete your Snapchat account?

Maybe you have gotten bored of using the Snapchat account. You no longer want to use it. You can uninstall it from your mobile phone, and you won’t be what about it.

But for some people, it is not enough. We keep getting the urge to check on our friends and end up installing the app.

You can click on this link which will open in a web browser on your mobile phone on computer. Login into the account using your credentials, you will get several options. One of them would be ‘Delete My Account.

The exact page lets you perform other actions such as changing Snapchat your password, managing apps connected to the Snapchat account, managing devices where you have logged in.

How to download you data from Snapchat

The exact page also gives you the option to download the data you have uploaded on Snapchat.

It includes many things such as your memories, and length is, account history, story history, basically everything Snapchat has stored on this service for your account.

How to find if someone has blocked you on Snapchat?

It is pretty easy to see whether someone has blocked you on Snapchat.

Use the search feature of Snapchat to find that person. If that person does not appear in the search result, there are two possibilities.

Whether they have blocked your account or have deleted Snapchat. You can find it out by following the steps mentioned below

How to find if someone has deleted their Snapchat account?

Finding whether they have blocked you or have deleted their Snapchat account would be easy if you have access to another Snapchat account. Maybe your friend or any of your siblings is also using Snapchat. Ask them to find a particular person or ask them to use their phone so that you can see that specific person on Snapchat.

If their name affairs and you can check out their profile, it would mean they have blocked you and not deleted their account, and if you cannot find them, it would mean they have deleted their account.

There is, however, another way, by visiting the profile URL. Each Snapchat account profile has its URL, which you can access on the web.

Harijan example of a Snapchat profile that can be visited on the web.

What does a Yellow Heart mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat has always been nothing of teenagers and they come up with some creative things. Yellow heart is one of them.

It’s very very special thing that can only be given to just one person who would be your best friend. It has to be  for both the people .

If you have someone on number 1, they also should have you on number one in order to get the yellow heart.

So, if you both chat with each other on Snapchat almost everyday you get a yellow heart in if you continue it for more than two weeks the head turns red, and then it turns into pink if you manage to stay friends and keep chatting for more than a month.

Can You Hack the Coin Master Game for Unlimited Spins or Coins


In early 2019, many of my friends were playing this pretty addictive game called Coin Master. And he kept asking me whether I can help them get more points so that they can beat other people in their friends.

At that time, I didn’t have any idea about this game. I am not into games much but being a technical guy and a good friend, I installed the game on my phone and started playing, and in a few days, I was also addicted to the game.

It was not just my friends, and it was also me who wanted to get more coins. I started researching to figure out ways to get more points. I even wrote a detailed guide that kind of blew up on the Internet, getting thousands of people visiting every month.

Even in 2021, the guide gets hundreds of people looking to get more coins or some cheat code to get ahead of their friends.

I noticed that there is a lot of Keyword that is making people land on that guide even though that guide does not talk about anything like that. And one of the keywords is,

How to Hack Coin master?

Image credit: Cashify

But, can anybody hack the coin master game? I have to spend a lot of time figuring that out because some of my friends claim that it can surely be hacked.

After all, some of their friends were able to get more points and get ahead of them.

Also, there are many mods available on the Internet that you can download and install on your mobile phone. You can read this article that talks about it in detail for those who don’t know what a modded app is.

But the short answer would be e it is a modified version of the real app. For example, the file extension for Android apps is dot APK which has all the files inside it.

So, someone with good knowledge of app development and gets into it and makes some changes.

But the Mod only works if the game is offline, Unlike the coin master game, a server-based game. This means whatever change there is in the modded APK will not reflect on the server because no one can modify the server.

Despite that, many websites claim that Coin Master can be hacked using their tool, but they are just lying. Most websites are CPA-based websites where they ask you to perform a certain action before allowing you to access the tool.

But these actions include installing some other apps or doing some other service that helps them make money. And at the end of that, even if you get access to the toll, it is useless.

There are some other ways you can use to get more coins. It will help if you read the article I have written. It is still relevant.

4 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own CRM


Establishing a solid relationship with customers is essential for any business’s success. Effective management of this relationship is necessary for enhanced customer engagement that results in high company recognition and increased sales numbers. 

In this article, we will dive into the main reasons to start a CRM system for your business. You will get acquainted with the main types and their core functionality.

We will also describe the benefits and disadvantages so that you can make a more informed decision on custom building a CRM. 

What is a custom CRM?

It is difficult to overestimate the role of a customized CRM solution in contributing to your business’s success. It deals with numerous processes, from tracking customer behavior to customizing your marketing content.

A custom CRM is built from scratch according to the detailed specifications provided. Such a system is a perfect choice if your business doesn’t fit traditional B2B or B2C sales models or if your sales and marketing strategy is innovative and way different from your competitors.

For such companies, it can be challenging to find a ready-made CRM system that meets all their needs.

However, if you decide to create a custom solution, you need to understand that the development process is demanding and full of pitfalls. Moreover, there is no universal solution if you want to build your own CRM system

Types of Custom CRMs

Let’s look at the main types so that you can better understand what system your business needs.


The systems that belong to this category help in gathering valuable data about customers from numerous sources. This system prioritizes direct customer interactions and helps in delivering enhanced and more customized customer service.


This type is frequently used for marketing purposes. It helps businesses make wiser and more reasoned decisions on the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

The system doesn’t simply gather information. It analyzes it and presents well-structured reports to sales and marketing specialists. 


This is an optimal solution for big enterprises with many departments. It takes over such processes as exchanging customer data to boost performance and customer experience. The key goals of such a CRM type are to deliver better customer service and increase retention. 

Key features of a custom CRM system

One of the main reasons to implement CRM is its functionality. If you go for a custom one, you can create your unique features. But here is what most CRM systems offer to improve the company’s performance.

  • Automating marketing processes
  • Contact management
  • Customer data analytics
  • Managing interactions with customers
  • Generating real-time reports
  • Sales forecasts
  • Notifications and messages
  • Marketing email generation
  • Sharing and synchronization of files
  • Data and file storage
  • Chat and/or call center integration
  • Third-party integrations
  • SMM integration

4 main reasons to implement CRM for your business

Here are the most significant benefits:

1. Tailored according to your needs and goals

Off-the-shelf CRM software follows a one-size-fits-all approach that is suitable for most businesses. Their functionality is quite basic, and it may not work well with your workflow. Moreover, such systems can even negatively affect performance, and unnecessary features will become a burden. It means that your employees will need more time to get used to this app, negatively influencing the workflow. 

When most business owners ask, “Why does it make sense to build a custom CRM if it is more expensive than the ready-made ones?” The answer is that it is a valuable investment in the positive performance of your business in the future. The outcomes may not be instant, but most businesses are very satisfied with it.

2. Easy integration with your business operation

To achieve success, effective and seamless operation and interaction of different company departments is vital. Customized CRM is created according to the established workflow and unique demands of your business. It can serve as an intermediary between sales, marketing departments, technical support, etc. 

3. Growing together with your business

Ready-made CRM is designed for small companies with more or less standard operation processes, and they might lose their effectiveness as the company starts growing. Such systems may not cope with numerous functions. Of course, you may upgrade your system to a higher level, but usually, these improvements are expensive and not reasonable.

In contrast, a custom CRM system is built according to your business forecasts and anticipations to skyrocket your future growth. It is a long-term investment that will serve your company for many years and grow along with it.

4. Saving time and business resources 

Personalization is a major trend that affects every process in a company workflow. Instead of using a system in which most features are unnecessary, improve the performance of your employees with customized features. All types of business activities can be personalized to every employee’s unique needs and become more efficient. 

The drawbacks of building a custom CRM

To be objective, we should mention the disadvantages of custom CRM application development. The outcomes of this process will be impressive but be ready to spend your time, effort, and costs first. Not to get disappointed, you shouldn’t hope that this system will change the whole business situation right away.

It is complex software, and the development team you choose should be experienced and dedicated to your project. Among the disadvantages we can single out:

  • Paying extra money for high-level technical support
  • The need for constant updates and improvements
  • Team training can take time
  • High costs of building and testing

To wrap up, all these disadvantages highlight that you shouldn’t relax once the system is launched and starts operating.

The most significant part takes place after the system implementation. You should learn how to make the most out of it.

The Ending Note

We hope that this article gave you a closer look at the important advantages of CRM and its development and functionality. A CRM is not only about managing relations. It is about adjusting your services to the needs of customers and making your customer satisfaction a priority.

13 Best Free Video Editing Software for Youtubers


If you are an Aspiring Youtube, This article is going to be useful for you. Because in this post, we will list out some of the best video editing software that is also free to use.

Knowing about free software is crucial when you’re getting started on YouTube as you don’t have a budget for buying a paid video editing software.

For Windows Only

1. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is a lightweight and straightforward (44.1Mb) software for Video Editing.

And since the installation package is not heavy, don’t expect the UI to be pleasing to the eye. However, it is meant to get the job done, which it will.

Thankfully the Free software doesn’t put any watermark on the export file.

There is a Pro version of the software, which offers features like Video Stabilization and Hardware Acceleration.

Check out its website.

2. Windows Movie Maker

Windows users might be aware of the Classic video editor, which was available to download for free.

We all have used it in the early 2000s; it offered decent features to make good home movies.

Support has ended for Windows Movie Maker as it has been discontinued, but you can still download from non-Microsoft websites and install it on your PC.

If this looks too complicated for you to use on your Windows computer, check out these iMove alternatives for Windows.

Mac Only

1. iMovie

This one comes free for Mac users. But the word free does not make it an essential software.

It is capable of producing excellent videos. Moreover, it has been built so beautifully that it is better than many paid video editing software out there.

Either you are looking for creating videos for friends and family, or you are looking to start a YouTube channel, iMovie is a fantastic piece of software for video editing.

It can be installed on Mac Computers from the App Store.

For Windows & Mac

HitFilm Video Editor

The Hitfilm express is free and will cost you just a social media share click on this link to download HitFilm Express for free.

Download HitFilm

Blender Video Editor

Blender is more than just a video editor. It’s an Open Source 3D creation tool, and video editing is a part of it.

This software offers to edit more complex projects by allowing users to add up to 32 different slots for adding video, images, audio, scenes, masks, and effects.

Download Blender Video Editor for Free


The OpenShot video editor is quite impressive. The best thing is, it’s cross-platform, available for Windows, Mac as well as Linux.

The UI looks friendly and easier to use. I saw a few video tutorials for the OpenShot video editor, and it seems a complete package for anyone looking for a free video editor to create decent enough videos.

If you are a YouTube and just getting started, this might be a valuable piece of software for you.

Download OpenShot Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad is another excellent cross-platform Video Editing Software. It’s cool and offers many features.

Its product page talks about a bunch of use cases for the Video Editing Software.

Download VideoPad Software

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora is freeware, it gives you all the features to use, and the interface is also relatively user-friendly.

The free version will put a Filmora Watermark at the end of the video, which can be removed by upgrading to the pro version ($59.99 for a Lifetime)

The good thing is it only ads the watermark at the end of the video. So you can use another tool to slice the end part and still have a decent video.

Download Filmora Video Editor


Shotcut is another excellent software free of cost and yet offers features that are only available in paid ones.

The only downside of this video editor (as is the case with other excellent free video editors) is its UI, which is pretty basic.

The software comes with a bit of a learning curve, but if you are looking for software that can do more than just adding a few clips and putting music in the background to make a video, then Shotcut could be your choice.

The Tutorial page talks about how to use its different features, such as stabilizing a video clip, putting transitions, adding filters to the clips etc.

Download Shotcut Video Editor

Mobile-based video editors

Now let’s talk about the computers that are always here in our pockets. Of course, I am talking about our smartphones. These days our smartphones are powerful enough to be used as a primary machine to edit our videos on.

I have used two software that is mobile based and can produce great quality videos.


Kind master is available for both iOS and Android, and it is open to use for free. In addition, the app supports multilayers, making it easy to create stunning videos out of a bunch of raw footage.

There are so many transitions available that you can add to your videos. You can also add background music. (Kinemaster).

The free version will have a watermark on the bottom right-hand side of the videos, you can buy the premium version on a subscription basis which is at around $5 a month.

Power Director

Power Director is a stunning video editor app for Android phones that is available in the Play Store. Unfortunately, it is not as diverse as the kinemaster app. Still, one benefit of the power director app is that it also supports 9:16 aspect ratio videos to create Instagram story videos.

Again the accessible version of the power director app will put a watermark of its logo on the bottom right-hand side of the video, and you can buy the premium version for a one-time payment of $8.

Both the Kine Master and the Power Director app now support Green Screen (Chroma Key) feature, which allows you to change the background in the videos.

If you need more help regarding the video editing guides and tutorials, you can check out Make a Video Hub. The website has got tons of tips and tutorials to get better at video editing.

Web-based Video Editors

Using a web-based video editor would mean it would only work on files uploaded to the cloud, which might not be easy for every type of project.

It is pointless to talk about such an option to create videos out of 2GB raw footage.

But if you are looking to create videos for your Social Media channels, that viral kind of videos where there are only a few images and short clops, and there is a lot of text moving on the screen.


We’ve written about Lumen5, and it’s a kickass web-based video editor. You can edit or upload your images and clips to create nice looking videos for your Social Media Campaigns.

Visitor Lumen5 website

Adobe Spark

Adobe Sparks is similar to Lumen5, offers an easy user interface but is a little restricted when it comes to providing a bank of images and footage to use.

Visit Adobe Spark Website