5 WhatsApp Features You Should Know About


Whats is used by millions of people every day who send billions of message to communicate with their loved ones. It has reached a point where the telecom operators are scared of their revenues and trying to create an imbalance. But that’s a story for some other post.

In this post, we will talk about how you can make your Whatsapp experience better. These are 5 tricks that will help you make the most of it, perhaps you might be using few of them, but it’s better to list them at one place for people who don’t. So here we go.

1. Hide Last Seen, Profile Pic and Status


If you did not know about that, you can also hide your ‘last seen’ from anyone. Jut head over to the privacy tab in Accounts in the settings area you select your choice.

2. Turn off ‘Read Receipts’ 

read reciepts

As if the ‘Last seen’ feature wasn’t enough to create problems in your life, WhatsApp team rolled out those double blue ticks known as ‘Read Receipts’.

Imagine someone knowing that you did not reply even after reading their message, what excuse do you have for not replying them. Be prepared with an excuse or simply turn the  ‘Read receipts’ off.

From the privacy tab, uncheck ‘Read Receipts’ and you are done.

3. See who read your message in a Group.

group messages

Okay, Groups on WhatsApp is an amazing feature, you have a group for your Old Schoolmates, College friends, Family, extended family or maybe even your office team. it is very useful, just like the Facebook groups.

You can find who is reading your posts in a group so that you know who are silent members of your group who simply read everything but never reply.

4. Send Your Current Location 

send locations

This is helpful for a number of reasons, If you are going to meet someone and want them to reach the place you currently are, simply send your current location from WhatsApp and they can follow it to reach you. Works really well.

5. Use WhatsApp Camera for sending photos quickly on slow data connection

whatsapp camera

There is a camera button built into the WhatsApp, but I’ve seen many people first take photos from the camera then share it via WhatsApp.

You do get a high-quality photo this way but it’s quite huge in size, over 2mb-3mb, and it might take long to send it on slow connections. The WhatsApp camera takes photos that are light and can be sent quickly.

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Flynx: The Best Android Browser for Reading Articles



Let me first talk about a use case so that this post can get the attention it deserves. Suppose you are browsing you Twitter timeline or Facebook newsfeed or any other Social Network, where you discover a nice post shared by your friend. You tap on the link, taken to the browser, where you wait for it to load so that you can see what it is about.

Then you close the browser, tap back button to go back to the App you are browsing and continue doing the same for every link you want to see. Yes, the apps like Pocket and Facebook’s own ‘Save for later’ feature has helped a bit, but what if I want to check that link out right now, and I refuse to follow the long procedure I have been following since 2012? I’ve found Flynx browser to be extremely useful in this use case.

A Browser Married with Facebook Chat Heads

Flynx is a browser that utilizes the floating Icon feature made popular by Facebook when they introduced Chat Heads feature for Facebook Messenger.


Imagine how useful it would be if you could tap on a link and it opened in a Chat Head like bubble that floats in the corner of your screen while you can stay in the app you are browsing, you will see the favicon of the site in the bubble when the page is loaded. You can open a few more links and then tap on the Icon to read the articles one by one.

Flynx: A Lighter Pocket App + Chat Heads = More Productive

Even if you don’t want to read the article, it remains there floating at the corner while you jump from app to app. It also works as ‘Read in a while’ or Read after I am finished browsing Facebook’ app.


Sadly is just a browser for opening links you come across browsing other apps, there is no address bar, but the features like a ‘Reading Mode’, which presents you a clutter free version of a web page giving you the option to change the background color to Dark, Gray or Sepia and change font sizes as well, in short it’s a browser with Pocket app feature inside a Chat head. But whatever it is, it makes your life easy.

How about Alternatives?

It is not the only app offering this kind of feature which falls under pop-up browsers, Boat Browser has a floating browser as one of their Pro features. Then there is Javelin browser, which is also has a popup browser as a feature along their primary browser which is not as good as Chrome for Android, so there is no point of having yet another browser just to use one of its feature.


I have previously used the Boat browser as my only browser and its floating browser feature worked well for me. But Flynx makes it very easy to minimize the pages and go back to them in just one tap.

So, Flynx is a clear winner in the Pop-Up browsers segment. You will love it you are love Multi-tasking on Smartphones.

➤ Install from Play Store

6 Powerful Features of Google Keep You Should Know About



When Google launched its simplistic note taking app, Google Keep, many dismissed it as a later comer to the already crowded world of to-do apps. But then that was the case for Google Chrome as well, it entered in the browser market in 2008 and is now among top 3 most used browsers in the world.

Google Chrome became successful because of its minimalistic design, responsiveness and a lot of features. Google Keep also brings some cool features despite being a simple note taking app. If you are among the people who think it’s just an app to note random things, here are few powerful features of Google Keep you probably are not using.

Copy the text from Images


Google Keep uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract text from the images, and it works well. Simply open Google Keep and take a picture of the document/ business card and select ‘Grab Image Text’ from the menu.

Location Alarm


Location alarm is helpful in situations like travelling alone using public transport, you can set a location alarm so that you never miss your station. The location alarm will remind you to pick something up the next time you are near that particular market. It is very helpful when you start using it.

Copy & Paste text between PC and Mobile

Even though there are dedicated apps like Push Bullet that lets you push content to your mobile, Googke Keep is just a tab away to this purpose if you are using same Google account on yout PC and Mobile.

Get Notified for Google Keep Reminders in Google Now

Google Now is an intelligent digital assistant from Google and one of it’s many features is the ability to notify you about your reminders you set in Google Keep. This means a notification will pop up on your PC grabbing your attention to take an action.

Color Code Your Notes


If you through those multiple colors are for making the notes look more colorful, it’s not the only reason, colors actually help you organize your notes. For example, I use Orange Notes for Reminders, Green for Motivational Quotes, Yellow for Important peice of information, Gray is for Research notes etc.

This will help you a lor when your notes start growing in numbers.

Organize your Notes with Labels


The newly added features, Labels, lets you label your Notes to make them more organized and searching. There are three preset Labels, Work, Personal and Inspiration but you can add more labels.

Combine Labels with Color Coding and you have an amazing app to help you manage your life in a more simpler manner.

Bonus Tip: Recover Notes deleted within 7 Days.


If you find yourself in a situation where you relly need to see a note you deleted, accidently or otherwise, Google Keep has this feature of keeping the deleted notes for a week before deleting it permanantly. And you can always Archive the notes so that they are always availalbe to you despite being completely hidden from the app.

If you are not using Google Keep, you can give it a try, it is available for Android, Chrome and Web

Users Can Now Choose to Pay to Remove Ads on YouTube



You, as a user will now be able to avoid ads on YouTube videos, meaning you won’t have to wait for even 5 seconds to skip an ad. YouTube is bringing a new feature to let users pay to watch videos creating a new revenue stream for YouTube and it’s partners.


YouTube has been planning this paid subscription model from a long time and it seems it has finally started to take shape. We, as a YouTube patner, got an email (image above) regarding the new revenue stream that will go in effect from 15th July.

This is the point the added regarding this revenue model in thier Partner Program Terms:

Subscription Revenues. YouTube will pay you 55% of the total net revenues recognized by YouTube from subscription fees that are attributable to the monthly views or watchtime of your Content as a percentage of the monthly views or watchtime of all or a subset of participating content in the relevant subscription offering (as determined by YouTube). If your Content is included in and viewed by a user in multiple subscription offerings, YouTube will pay you based on the subscription offering with the highest amount of net revenues recognized by YouTube, as calculated by YouTube.

According to According to Bloomberg, YouTube will charge $10/month to make the ads disappear from all the videos for the users to watch.

However, this is not the only method to watch Ad free videos on YouTube, like, Ad Blocker, but then, it’s not ethical and will make YouTubers suffer because everybody needs some flow on fund to keep rolling new videos.

I personally feel YouTube has reached to a level where people would not mind paying for having an ad free experience. I myself watch a few videos at a time when I log into the site and really hate the unskippable ads, ecpsecially the ads that are as long as 2 minutes or more. But, then again, I am  someone who is comfortable making a transaction online we will have to wait and see how fair does this plays for YouTube.

Acer Aspire V5 131 Mini Laptop Review

Updated in 2023: This laptop I reviewed is quite old and is not available anywhere. So, if you are still looking for an 11 inch Windows based laptop. You should consider this one from Asus.

this one from Asus

Continuing with the review of Acer Aspire V5

I bought Acer Aspire V5 131 as my secondary laptop that I can take on short trips and it has turned out to be great for that. Is it a great laptop for people who love travelling with just a backpack, this laptop takes very little space so that you can put more stuff in your bag. To see weather this laptop can be a primary machine, I used this Laptop for almost three weeks before writing the review.
So, let’s find out weather it can be a primary computer or can just be a second laptop for browsing the internet and writing documents.

Battery and Body Weight.


I took this Machine with me on a 3 day trip to mainly write and edit some articles to publish them of the blog. This Min Laptop was easy to carry around and work on my the current posts and even write a few. It worked really well on the writing part and editing posts before posting them on the blog.

It the not the most powerful machine you can get, but if you look at it’s price, you are getting a good performing and a lightweight Laptop which is worth every dollar you spend on it.

But unfortunately my trip was extended by another 4 days which gave me some more time to use this laptop as my primary machine and to discover whether it really can be your primary laptop if you are not a gamer or a designer. But it is a good fit for everyone else.

The Processor and Overall Performance

The 3rd Generation Celeron processor is good enough to let you work smoothly on multiple applications at once, comparing this Laptop with those 10 inch Netbooks would be shame because it feels at least 5x faster than those slow machine.


This Machine came with Linux OS but I installed Windows 8 because I still prefer Windows products and I just love working on Windows 8. I had also loaded it with all the software that is there in my main machine, just in case if I need them. And I really had to use all those software to create long tutorial like posts for my  blogs, the post that include a lot of screenshots and editing them and writing about every step, and all that worked just fine.

The Small Screen and Keyboard Size.


Though it was a bit annoying to be working on such a small screen but with few tips and tricks, the things started to become easy. For example, CTRL + (-,+) and Zoom out, Zoom in the webpages making them big enough to be able to read them easily, keeping the taskbar on auto hide more also helped give little extra screen space, which seems quite a lot on a 11.6 inch Laptop. and then you can also do an F11 ( full screen more for Google Chrome and many other applications) to work.


Initially I was little annoyed by the keyboard, though it is a full sized keyboard, it still feels small but you get used to it after a few hours of usage, I can now touch type on it easily. But I still have problems with the small touchpad because I messed up with my articles several times as my fingers accidentally touched on the touchpad which shifted the cursor to some other location. One has to be really careful about that. The multi touch gestures provide a little help, epically the two finger scrolling, and three finger clicks to close the current window.

Key Specifications

Processor: 1.5Ghz, Intel Celeron Dual Core (3rd Generation).
Memory:2GB DDR3 SD RAM.
Screen:11.6 (29.5cm), 1366×768 Resolution,
Hard Disk Capacity:500GB
Connectivity:Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, Fast Ethernet
Built-in Devices:Microphone, Webcam
Ports/ Interfaces:HDMI, 3 USB Ports, VGA, LAN (RJ-45).
Operating System:Linux, 64 Bit
Keyboard:Full Sized Chiclet style keys.
Touchpad:Multi-touch Gestures Supported.
Battery:6 Cell, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), 6 Hours Run Time.

Facebook’s New Feature Wants You to Revisit Your Old Memories



Facebook recently updated their app which now includes a feature that shows you posts you made on the same date in last few years. It even lets you share those with friends.

When you open Facebook on your smartphone to check-in to a place when hanging out with friends, or you just want to check out what your friends are up to,the last thing you want to see is an embarrassing post you made several years ago. As if the happy Facebook lives of your friends were not enough to hate your own.

A few times I tried this feature, it brought a few embarrassing posts I am not proud of sharing in the first place, let alone re-sharing it.


The feature is not new and Facebook has already been testing it on their Desktop site since last few years and now they have moved their experiments over to the movie where the majority of their active users are.

While there could be some people who would love this feature of sharing amazing life events from the past, I see it as a desperate attempt to increase more engagement inside the app.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn the notifications off so that you still can use the Facebook without worrying too much about the past.

It is not the only thing Facebook is implementing in their App, they recently made their other product, the Facebook Messenger, open to third party developers to do more things than sending big ugly Smileys to each other .

9 Things You Should Know About the Upcoming Windows 10


Every year or two, Microsoft pulls up its socks and starts prepping up for their next version of OS. This year, they will be releasing the Windows 10 after previous year’s Windows 8.1. Even though the there is a lot of time for the released, we came up with a list of things that would be nice to know if you are interested in Windows 10.

1. Windows 10 will run Modern Apps in the Desktop View


So, now the modern apps can be launched in the desktop view, people who hated those full-screen apps on their 22 inch monitors will love the ability to utilize their screen and still run the modern apps they liked.  Another improvement to that is the Office Suite will be universal, meaning a single app that lets you work on PC, Tablet or Mobile.

The apps will be touch friendly and optimized run one any platform. The Office apps will be preinstalled on Windows Phones and Tablets, which means they will be free to use on those devices.

2. Windows 8.1 users will be able to Upgrade for Free, even the Pirated ones.

Yes, Windows is going to get aggressive in getting the market share even at the cost of giving their paid product to the pirates for free, but one thing Microsoft is making clear is that it will not offer support to the people who do not own a genuine Windows 8.1 (which was given as a free upgrade to the genuine Windows 8 users)

3. You can Try Windows 10 Today

Even though Windows 10 will be available by the end of this year, you can still use the Technical preview of the OS. It’s not the final product and has flows, all the drivers might not work, it may restart without warning to save your work.

But you can see most of the things that will be shipped with the final version. Sign up for the Insider Program today and follow the steps to upgrade your PC.

*Make sure you install it on a spare machine to arrive losing important data or work.

4. The Start Menu is Actually useful now


Windows 8 was criticized for not having a start button, then Microsoft listened, and brought it back in Windows 8.l, but it was still not what it used to be, and acted as a toggle button between the Modern UI and Desktop View.

The Start Button in Windows 10 Actually brings the start menu in the Desktop view. You can still maximize it to cover the entire screen in case you are one of those 15 people who liked seeing live tiles in the Modern UI

5. Windows 10 will come with a New, Refreshed Browser

Project Spartan

Rumors were floating on the web in the last part of 2014 that Microsoft is working on a new browser, it turned out to be true when Microsoft introduced Project Spartan to the world in an event in January this year.

Microsoft would still be keeping their Internet Explorer and also have another browser (Currently named Spartan) in the Windows 10. Not sure why they are confusing users again with two browsers, as Windows 8 also consumed users with Internet Explorer for the Modern as well.

6. Windows 10 Brings the Hologram Technology

Windows 10_Holograph_Technology

It’s the technology that will bring the apps out of your PC and you will actually be able to interact with them. Previewed at an even in January, Microsoft released a video showing a man wearing Microsoft HoloLense and interact with the 3D apps. It’s cool and makes you feel that the future has arrived.

7. Windows 10 Brings Cortana to the PCs

Cortana is Microsoft’s Siri for Windows Phones, or maybe a little prettier than that. It’s the Digital assistant which is making its way to the PCs, to let you do stuff and stay organized on your PC as well. It’s one step closer to the tighter integration between Windows Phone and PC.

8. Windows 10 is Aiming for a Unified Experience on Any Device

So, the universal apps, ability to run Modern apps in the Desktop view and integration of Cortana into the Windows OS is a sign that Microsoft wants you to have the same experience on every device and Windows is on it;s way to achieving it.

9. Folder and File icons get the Flat Design  


Considering how much Microsoft loves the Flat design, it was obvious. The Flat UI can be seen everywhere in the Windows 10. The folder and file icons are flat. Everything looks and feels fast. The Windows explorer becomes more usable as I found its showing recent folder more accurately.

19 Best Resources for Twitter Users to Make the Most of it



Twitter is the place where you can speak your mind freely, its a completely different experience than Facebook, to which many people compare it with. Twitter is using by all kinds of people, Movie people, Sportsperson, Politicians, Media People, Artists and big companies. And then there are millions of people talking about things that are happening in real life.

Twitter is using by all kinds of people, Movie people, Sportsperson, Politicians, Media People, Artists and big companies. And then there are millions of people talking about things that are happening in real life.

It’s your time to be on Twitter and make the most of it, you can find things people are talking about, you get to know things directly from the people you like. It is also the place where you will find the most sarcastic, humorous, factual tweets. In short, you become an aware person if you use twitter properly.

We bring you some of the best resources you can use to make the most of Twitter.

Web Based Twitter Clients


Twitter homepage

I hated using Twitter’s website to use Twitter few years ago, but the site has improved a lot, it’s fast and most colorful, thanks to the shared photos and videos by people I follow. You get to see more information on a single page, like the notifications, tweets by people you follow, trending topics, who to follow etc.

Tweetdeck  (Multiple Accounts)

Screenshot 2015-03-26 at 3.34.23 PM

If you run multiple accounts on Twitter, like one personal, one for your business, or a parody account, Tweetdeck is the best tool for you that you can use directly in the browser.

It has few advanced features which are great for businesses, for example, you can search for tweets for a particular term and filter the tweets according to the number of RTs and Favourites it has got. Add terms, related to your brand, to columns and you are good to go.

HootSuite (Multiple Accounts)

A similar service like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite does a little more than what Tweetdeck offers, It’s also a marketing tool with a premium version that lets you add over 50 accounts from various social networks, not just Twitter. The free version lets you add three accounts to

The free version lets you add three accounts to it, but offers post scheduling, monitoring post performances and ability to share any page on the web in a click with their tool called Hootlet.

The premium account starts at $9.99/month

Desktop Based Twitter Clients

Twitter for Windows


You would be surprised to know that there is an official app for Windows OS as well, for the Modern UI. Windows 10 lets users run Modern apps inside the desktop environment, So grab this app for your Windows PC.

Twitter for Mac


We won’t get any points for telling you that there is a Twitter app for Mac as well. In fact, there are lots of them, but Twitter for Mac should be preferred.

If you are using any other OS on your Desktop, I am sorry, we did not test any app for other OSes, but you can still use all the web-based Twitter clients or simply Twitter.com as it now brings a richer experience.

Twitter Clients for Smartphones / Tablets

Twitter for Android

The initial versions of Twitter app for Android were not up to the mark, that was the reason play store is filled with so many third party apps for better Twitter experience on Mobile. But it has improved a lot over the last few years. It’s both clean and fast to tweet fast and read tweets from others.

Talon for Android ($3.99) (Multiple Accounts)

I have been suing Talon from last few months and it has replaced the Official Twitter for Android for me. Talon offers design customization, in-app browser for quickly opening the page from a link, Images from Instagram, Videos from YouTube can be viewed directly in the timeline. If you install Talon for Android, you can also install this skin to get the look and feel of Android 5.0.

Tweedle for Android (Multiple Accounts)

Tweedle has almost the same functionality as Talon has, but with a difference in look and feel. Plus there is a free (ad-supported) version for it also. It’s you personal preference which one you want to use. as both the Apps support multiple accounts.

Twitter for iOS

The praise for the official Twitter app for iOS is same as of Android, the app is currently the way to tweet.

Twitterrific for iOS


A simple app if you just want to tweet and read the tweets done by others.

Echofon for Twitter 

Echofon, like Twitterrific, is free and a simple app if you are simply looking to share tweets and read. perhaps, that is what you want. Don’t you?

Design Header Covers for Your Twitter Profile

Header Covers are something that give a unique look to your profile. All the active users are already using this feature to make their profiles stand out. You too can jump in as it’s better than never.



TwitterCovers.com offers ready to upload designs. I browsed through many different sites that offer ready to upload Header covers for Twitter, but none came close to what TwitterCovers.com has to offer.

Design with Canva


If you are feeling creative and want more control over the design, Canva is the place, Now, it’s totally different from designing a cover in Photoshop or any other photo editing app, Canva has the right dimensions needed for the header cover.

Cover is a collection of beautiful images and you can put any kind of text on it, or use any photo you want. It’s as easy as drag n drop.

Dimensions for Custom Twitter Headers

[su_expand height=”200″]



I found this neat graphic at LouiseM.com that helps to design the exact size Twitter headers so that it can look good on any device. If you are very passionate about they way your twitter profile should look, this will help you.

Manage Followers, People You are Following, and Who to Follow

Far far in the list, we told you the best Twitter client for you, tools to make your profile look beautiful and now it’s time to follow interesting people, know your existing followers and get more of them.

Crowd Fire App (Formerly JustUnfollow) 


The app is now more than just an app to follow/unfollow people on Twitter. It also supports another Social Channel, Instagram, but, it is still one of the best tools for Twitter users to manage their Account efficiently.

It has an amazing feature to copy the entire list of people who are following a particular person. It’s just too much fun to use the app.



If you are using Twitter for your business to promote your brand, you might be interested in getting more data about your Twitter account. SocialBro is exactly that, your bro for social media measurement for Twitter.

You can sort your list of followers by the number of followers they have and when was the last time they were active, when it the time when your followers are most active and more patterns. It will also tell you which is the best time for you to tweet so that it gets maximum eyeballs. This data is gold for business and brands.

A few more resources to share voice, video or longer tweets.

Twitter limits you to have you say in less than 140 characters, most of the time it’s enough to say what you want. But you can also share longer tweets.

Most of the tools that let you tweet more than 140 characters at once, post your text on their site and share the link on Twitter. If you are okay with that, then I would suggest you to use Tumblr, which is a mix of microblogging and blogging, plus their Mobile app is the best for this.

Similarly, if you want to do video or voice tweets, you can use other service and share the link on Twitter. Soundcloud is great for voice and there is Twitter’s very own Vine, which lets you record 6 second videos and post them.

Want to share longer posts? YouTube is there. You get the idea right?

I hope you will benefit from this list, if you know someone who can benefit from it, please feel free to share this post using the sharing buttons. Thank you. 

How to Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature



Update: The feature is now being rolled out to every Android user, without asking anyone to call you to active it. Enjoy.

So, the most rumored WhatsApp calling feature is finally being rolled out to the users Worldwide.

I got the feature a few weeks ago when it was rolled out for a brief period of time.

Getting this calling feature is a bit tricky so please follow all the steps if you want to get this feature.

Go to whatsapp.com  and tap the download button, it will take you to the respective app store where you have to update your App. The updated version is 2.11.561 as of writing.


Now the tricky part starts here, you have to actually get someone to call you who already has the calling feature enabled, For example, I already had the calling feature and asked my friends to update their app and gave them a call via the App.

If you haven’t got anyone to call you, it’s time to make new friends please have patience and wait for anyone from your contact list to give you a call. Alternatively, you can use the comment section below to ask/offer help regarding getting calls.

I am not sure for how long the roll out is going to happen this time around, but it is clear that WhatsApp is still testing the feature as we haven’t got any official statement regarding the release of this new feature.

The new feature is currently rolling out for Android & Blackberry users only. Update for Windows Mobile and iOS will follow on a later date.

5 Apps to Utilize Your Mobile More Efficiently for Work



We live in a world of multiple screens, thanks to the bigger screen mobile phones, we can do most of the stuff on our mobile, for example, searching for something, music, videos, cricket scores and yes instant messaging.

But we still need our Desktop computer for serious work and sometimes we need to move things on our Laptop and Mobile. Here is how we can do it using these 5 apps.

1. Using AirDroid for Moving Files between PC and Mobile


Airdroid is an incredible app that lets you connect your Mobile to your Laptop over Wi-Fi. Moving files between both the devices is fast. You can keep your Mobile connected to your Laptop and send the files you may want to check out later.

2. Using PushBullet to push Notes & Links to the Mobile


PushBullet is an app I have been using a lot lately, It is helpful for sending links and a piece of text to your mobile so that you can check it out later. The Good thing about Pushbullet is that you don’t need to go through all steps to connect your Laptop to your Mobile.

Install the Chrome extension on your Laptop and the App on your Android mobile. It is the fastest way to send a photo, document, note or link to your mobile.

Plus, it also notifies you when there is a notification on your mobile phones, e.g a call or a message or battery low warning.

3. Using Pocket App for reading Longer Articles Later


We discover tons of amazing articles during the day when we are working on our PC, it is not wise to read all of them doing the work hour but we don’t feel like letting it for either. So We can use Pocket App for saving such articles so that we can read them later on our Mobile Phones.

4. Using Google Docs on Your Mobile


MS Office was the choice of my office suite until I bought Chromebook as my travel machine, I am now using Google Docs (1, 2, 3) for documents and other office files. The best thing I liked about it is that I can access them from my Mobile phone as well, It makes the purpose of my Smartphone more meaningful as I am using it to compliment my work.

5. Using Google Chrome for Android


Finally the Google Chrome for Android has made my web browsing on Mobile pretty smooth, Keep it synced with the Chrome on other devices and you can have all your bookmarks, login credentials, form     data on your mobile. It makes life a bit easy when you don’t have to put the long passwords on the websites you use.

It also gives you access to the opened tabs in Google Chrome on your Laptop. So, if you have to step out of your office, you can still access those open tabs from your Mobile. How awesome is that.

Now there are thousands of app available in the Play Store, but I consider these 5 a must have apps on your mobile phone if you want to make the best use of it for your work. Try them out.

Micromax Is Beating the Competitors Just by Copying Them.


I heard about Micromax for the first time in late 2008, the not so techie people in my group used to talk about that Chinese phone which had a battery life of over one month. I can’t comment whether or not the phone actually lasted for a month, but people used to appreciate that a lot.

That was also the time the market was flooded with Chinese phones. They were of different shapes, sizes, colors, and features. Few even had features of a TV, yes, A Television.

At the time when the ability to store more MP3 songs in mobile phones was the latest technology and the internet on mobile was still catching up in India despite the launch of iPhone over a few months ago, this new Micromax looked similar to the Chinese mobiles in the quality as well as features. People even thought it was just another Chinese phone.

After testing the market with their mobile phone having long lasting battery life, they started bringing in more mobile phones, most of them were similar to Samsung phones but half the price.

For example, Samsung S3850 Corby a phone from Samsung priced at around Rs 7,000/- was very similar to Micromax Z505 Psych priced at Rs 3500/-. ([su_lightbox type=”image” src=”http://techtippr.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Low-end_Samsung_Micromax.jpg”]click for visual comparison[/su_lightbox])

By the end of 2009, Micromax started giving tough competition to Samsung, which indulged in its own battle with Nokia for the number one spot. The story of Nokia is also an interesting one, but let’s keep it for some other day.

Samsung was seeing a space in the high-end mobile phones it could fill, it picked up Android as the OS for it’s smartphones and flooded the market with mobiles phones in all the prices ranges. Rs 9,999/-, Rs 10,999/-, Rs 15,999/- name the price and there is a Samsung phone in the market.

Back to Micromax, they were now a known name and it was time to part away this Chinese company tag and promote the company as an Indian brand. They brought in Celebs like Ankhay Kumar to promote their phones and a new tagline, ‘Nothing Like Anything.’ and now they have Hugh Jackman on board to promote the brand and give it an international touch.

By the end of 2009, Micromax started taking on Samsung in the mid-range smartphone segment after beating them in the budget segment phones. Micromax’s first Android mobile, Micromax Andro A60 launched in 2010 and it has a range of Android smartphones by the end of 2011.

Micromax was once again giving a tough competition to Samsung by copying them once again in offering too many choices to the consumers.

In 2014, Micromax surpassed Samsung to become the mobile phone manufacturer shipping the most number of phones in a single quarter in India1

Chinese companies had started making a comeback in India, but this time promising quality devices, especially the mobile phones from Xiaomi and OnePlus.

These companies were offering phones with good quality and specifications and way cheaper than Samsung and other companies like HTC, LG were pricing their flagship phones were selling for.

Cheap pricing was the forte of Micromax, it was the selling point of their phones. These new Chinese companies like Xiaomi and OnePlus were threats to the market share of not only Samsung and other big companies but also Micromax.

Micromax, which already had so many phones under Rs 10,000/-, started a new line of phones under the brand of Yu, Micromax Yureka was the first phone competing Xiaomi’s Redmi Note.


Going after Xiaomi, Micromax not only copied the strategy to offer high-spec phones at a very low prices, but also copied the naming, promotion and sales of their devices.

Xiaomi had their phones under the branding of Mi, making their phones available via Flipkart in flash sales on a particular day, 2PM every Tuesday

Micromax has their phones under the branding of Yu, making their phones available via Amazon.in in flash sales on a particular day, 2PM every Thursday.

With Yureka, Micromax also tried to take on OnePlus by Partnering with CyanogenMod, a custom software version of Android OS OnePlus was using for it’s smartphones. Micromax went to court to ban the sales of OnePlus phones in India as the exclusive deal made Micromax the only company that can sell mobile phones powered by CyanogenMod.

Micromax is now number one company in India, it has further extended its business to Tablets, Datacards and TVs.

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Tips and Tricks for Making A Chromebook More Usable


With a lot of benefits comes a lot of limitations, like you can not use a software like Photoshop or Microsoft Office, but that doesn’t mean you can not get your work done.

In this post, I am listing few tips and tricks which will help you make Chromebook a little more efficient.

1. Use Writebox for distraction-free writing.


Assuming that you will use Chromebook for a lot of writing, Wirebox is a chrome app that will help you write long form content with easy, without the needs for an internet connection. And whatever you write in it gets automatically saved locally. You can also add Dropbox or Google Drive to save things in the cloud.

2. Use the next tab of your chrome browser as a Notepad.Notepad_Chrome

Just a few days of using the Chromebook, I felt the need of a notepad to note down something or make some edits in the code snippets. Surely there is Google Keep and Docs installed but it takes few seconds to open them.

A simple hack would enable your next tab as a notepad. Just type in this in the address bar and you are good to go ⤵

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>


[su_note]Bonus tip: Bookmark that tab to the bookmark bar so that it’s just a click away the next time you need it.[/su_note]

3. Scroll up and down like you do on Mobile phones.


Chromebook has a bunch of gestures to perform a particular action, like a two finger scroll will let you scroll up/down the pages. But it’s little weird to use it. [su_highlight]Go to touchpad settings under Device in Settings and enable Australian Scroll[/su_highlight], it will be little natural to use the two finger scroll gesture.

4. Use timesaving multi-finger gesture.


Among other finger gestures there is a three finger gesture that lets you switch between tabs, just swipe three fingers to the left or right to switch between the chrome browser tabs. Swipe the three fingers up and you can see all the active windows which help you switch between the apps. Definitely saves some time.

5. Increase the storage of your Chromebook


Photo Credit: Forty Something Gee

Usually, all the Chromebooks have a storage capacity of 16GB out of which around 10GB is available for the user. But there is also an SD slot in the Chromebook, just put a 32GB or 64GB or even a 128GB SD Card and you have more storage to carry your movie or music collection with you.

These are all the tricks I am using to make the most of it. Chromebook is the fastest way to get started with your work, it has no software installed that is not important to me. I stays on longer than my previous Laptops and I using it everywhere for my everyday computing.

I am currently using HP Chromebook 14, you can click here read the full review.

Can We Use Mobile Phones for Writing Long form Content?



I love tech, and I love making the most out of it. And then I write about it here. Producing content is not my main focus on this blog, but I loved to add me two cents now and then, this like one.

I have been reading many people looking for the ultimate device that enabled them to get their job done from anywhere. We have tablets, ultra-lightweight notebooks, and even third-party products to compliment mobile phones that can help us write a little faster than we do, using the touch screen keyboard.

I read this article on Mac Stories By Federico Viticci, where he blogged about his experience of using iPad Air 2 as his main computer. I have recently started using a Chromebook as my main machine, but I still can not think of completely shifting to a mobile-based OS for my full-time work.

Wanting to experience the workflow, I decided to use my mobile phone for writing a post to get an idea if it can be used for writing long-form content or not.

Here are the results

Below is the raw content that has been typed on the mobile phones. It’s not much (just 522 words), and there are few typos as well. It will give you an idea of mobile phones can be used for writing or not.

Battery status: 61%

Time: 10:53pm.


Back in 2007, when I started blogging, smartphones were no very common. Perhaps the smartphones were not smart enough to perform more than one task at a time.

Articles were written on PC or Laptop. Then came the time when netbooks become) popular, these were low-powered mini-laptops that have longer battery life slightly, and we’re easier to carry around.

They made a good machine to write articles. Still, They were more of a liability, as people had to carry such machines just for writing didn’t make much sense because by adding just a little more space, they could carry their primary computer (if that happens to be a laptop).

Then came the trend of my f tablet pc, which ran on a mobile os and had a bigger screen.

Many third-party party manufacturers came with Bluetooth and USB keyboards that could be connected with these tablet pc and can be used as a laptop without compromising on the compactness of the device.

Now is when we see many smartphones emerging in the market with better specs, and apps like SwiftKey have made it possible to use smartphones for full-fledged writing.

Many manufacturers make creative keyboards for smartphone users to make typing fast and efficient, just like typing on a laptop.


Battery: 53%



Battery: 13%

Time: 2:04pm

On such dedicated keyboard’s review, I read on Gizmodo, which reviewed as a terrible thing to type on. I’ll link the review here.

I haven’t tried it, but I agree with the writer about the tiny keys as I’ve tried a similar one myself.

I’m currently using SwiftKey, and I can type pretty nicely without much trouble and typos.

Typing on mobile isn’t pleasing as it is on PC with bigger keyboards, but it certainly helps to utilize time like this when you are taking some rest after lunch or dinner.

So using Google docs for your writing is great, as you can put together an article on the way using your Mobile phone, considering you have SwiftKey enabled on it.

I still have to try that brilliantly designed mini keyboard for mobile before replacing SwiftKey with it, but for now, it’s SwiftKey.


Battery: 7%

Time : 2:14pm


Battery: 50%

Time: 11:32pm

This is the fourth and last part of this post I am writing using a mobile phone. There is not much useful information in this post other than showing you the ability to write long documents like this using your phone.

Here are few things I did to make it more effective.

I installed Docs app on my phone from the Play Store.

Used a dark template to write posts, more like Darkroom, which helps in less consumption of battery on the phone.

I am used to the SwiftKey keyboard, which gives amazing predictions to complete a sentence just like this one right now.

That’s it. We are done with this article on mobile.



Time : 11:39pm

Update from 2021: I am currently using iPhone 12 Pro Max as my primary phone. It is a huge phone with big screen. Cameras are better for taking photos and videos, but I am also using it for writing long articles. You can check out my experience of using it for writing long articles.

These Apps are Helping Me Make the Most of Chromebook


I am writing this article with the assumption that you already know about Chromebooks and how they work.

I own a Chromebook, and these apps are helping me do everything I do on a traditional computer with a Windows or Mac-based OS.

Word Processing/Office Documents

My purpose of using a computer is to work with files like PDFs, Spreadsheets, and Word Documents for which I have been relying on MS Office (or related office suites like Open Office, Libre Office, etc.) for most of it, and I now use Google Docs for it.

I was already using Google Docs for working on files where I needed to collaborate with my team members, but now it’s fully Google Docs, and I haven’t come across a single issue with it.

Using Google Docs for all my work has enabled me to access it from my mobile phone as well, and I am using my phone to make edits and proofread blog posts, which has saved time.

The Good thing about Google Docs is that it works in offline mode so that you can write even when you are not connected to the internet.

Photo Editing / Creating Screenshots.

Another important part of my work is working with a lot of images; I have to create many screenshots and edit images to use on my posts and tutorials.

It was the sole reason for the dilemma in switching to Chromebook, I used Photoshop and SnagIt for that purpose, and it was an amazingly fast workflow on Desktop.

Moving to Chromebook, I thought my workflow will slow down because of the lack of great tools.

I started using a combination of Pixlr Editor and PicMonkey for editing and creating images and Nimbus for creating screenshots. After one week of using this combination and I can perform this action much faster than on my Desktop.

The downside of this combination is that it works when connected to the internet. Still, I am connected to the internet almost every time as I have to take screenshots of websites or look for relevant creative commons licensed photos on Flickr or any other site.

Watching Videos or Listening to Music.

For the last few years, the primary source of my entertainment has been YouTube. I hardly watch TV as YouTube lets me watch my favorite TV shows anytime I want to.

If I have to give it in numbers, the hours I spend watching TV and YouTube will be 1 hour of TV and over 50+ hours of YouTube every month.

I haven’t faced any problem continuing this trend after switching to Chromebook. Mostly all the Chromebooks have only around 10GB of storage left for the users.

You can not put your Video and Music library, but you definitely can put your favorites and watch them whenever you want. So many music streaming services that let you enjoy music without having to download them saving you space.

Instant Messaging and Communicating

I mostly try to ignore using instant messages while working, but I have allowed my team to message me anytime they want via Hangouts.

So, there is no problem with that when I am using Chromebook. Google Duo works great for doing video conferencing.

I have a few clients and partners with whom I have to speak over Skype every week. Thankfully Skype is available for Mobile Phones, and it’s with me all the time, so I am not losing on this one.

WhatsApp has enabled Android/Blackberry and Windows Phone users to send/receive messages from Google Chrome using WhatsApp Web.

Playing Video Games

I don’t play games on PC, the only play games when I have to test the apps for the blog, so I can’t comment on how the Gamers will find Chromebooks useful.

Some games can’t be played even on Traditional PCs without dedicated graphic cards on them, and then some web-based games can be played in the browser.

Chromebook is just like any other PC for the games in the latter category, letting you play those games in Google Chrome.

After listing all the things I can do with the Chromebook, I want to list a few things I love about it.

It’s a machine I use to perform my full-time work, yet I don’t fear the Hard Disk crash and losing all my work. I don’t fear losing my Chromebook at all.

All my work is saved in the cloud, and I can continue working on any other device. I love this.

I love that I can start working in just 7 seconds after opening the lid of my Chromebook. I put it on standby without worrying about slowing it down over time.

I step out of my home with my Chromebook without having to carry the charger, at it gets me around 8 hours of serious work.

I understand that not everyone has a work requirement like I do, and not everyone would be working on a machine that does not have a notepad or basic computer programs.

But if you travel a lot and there is a web version of the software/service you use, and there is no problem with internet connectivity, Chromebook is something you can count on for your work.

Have questions like, Can you edit video on Chrome? Check out this FAQ page for Chromebooks.

HP Chromebook 14 Review, It’s the Best Chromebook for Productive Work


Years passed and we saw some nice improvements in the Windows OS with the launch of Windows 8, it made the boot-up little faster and tried doing many other things that could stop users from moving to a much better Mac OS, but we didn’t get to read too many good things about Chrome OS.

2013 was the year when Chrome OS powered laptops, termed as Chromebooks, started to appear in the market. 2014 was the year when it finally started getting some serious traction. Of all the Chromebooks that are available in the market, HP Chromebook 14 is one of them and I am writing it’s review on this very same machine.

Though it’s 2015, and we are likely to see more Chrome OS powered machines than the previous year, the basic functionality of the Chromebooks remain the same among all.



If we have to talk about the Software part, it could be called an extension of the Chrome Browser in the literal sense. You can do all the things you do in the Chrome Browser, with an added functionality of the ability to work with your downloaded, local, and Google Doc files offline.

Apart from that, there is nothing to do, unless you are connected to the internet. Making it a machine for only those whose work requires the internet connected, which is mostly the case for people these days.

For designs and developers, it’s a complete no-no machine. But for those to write, create graphics with the help of online services like PicMonkey and Canvas.

Being a blogger, I have to do several things from creating blogs posts to monitoring traffic to sharing on Social Media to collaborating a lot, and Chromebook lets me do all these things without any compromises.


I use Photoshop occasionally, but I was able to do the same task with the combination PickMonkey and Pixlr (both of them are a web app and require an active internet connection).

Apart from the work, even my daily entertainment comes from the Web, I watch YouTube a lot and do a bit of reading, and Chromebook handles this very well. Plus, it’s fast, like really fast, boots up in less than 3 seconds and I am working on my documents in within 10 seconds, and when I open it from standby, I hardly even notice the black screen.

I still use my Desktop for heavy Video Editing and Designing, but Chromebook has successfully become my travel machine replacing the Acer Aspire V5 131.


The build quality of this Chromebook is very nice and it looks a premium device for its price. Mostly all the Chromebooks have 11.6 inch screen, HP Chromebook 14 has a 14 inch screen and looks relatively same as it’s younger brother (HP Chromebook 11), But, the bigger screen does not mean lesser battery backup. It easily stays with me for around 8 hours of daily work.

I am not a fan of the keyboards provided by HP in laptops, but I became used to it after a few days of struggle, moreover, Chromebook 14 does look big after using an 11.6 inch Laptop for months, but it certainly doesn’t look bulky at all. The Touchpad is big and thankfully does not behave badly when I accidentally touch it while typing on the keyboards. Supports the two finger scroll, two finger tap with added gestures like a three finger swipe down gives a preview of opened windows, three finger swipe left/right lets you switch between tabs. A bit fancy stuff but proves to be productive once you grow used to it.


I have heard other people complaining about the display I did not find any problem with the screen display which has a 1366×768 resolution. As I have already mentioned in the review that I am not going to use it as a designing machine anyway, So, I don’t bother about the very high display screen for my daily computing needs, plus you are getting much more than the price you are paying for.

This machine houses a 16GB SSD with just 10GB usable, it’s the only part which will disappoint many, you can not keep your Movie or Music collection on it, but the good thing is that Google offers 1TB of storage with every Chromebook, so that might make you a little happy. For local memory expansion, there are two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 and one SD card reader. There is also one HDMI port and a 3.5mm audio/mic Jack and a 1.3MP camera for Video Chats via Hangouts.


Other specs like 1.4Ghz Processor with 4GB RAM make this machine run pretty smoothly, I opened almost 30 tabs, with YouTube video playing and I was easily able to switch between the tabs. They remained opened throughout the working hours and It was still very smooth to switch between the tabs, I did do that on my Desktop PC, I always start noticing a bit of lag after some time and have to kill a few tabs to keep working smoothly, but Chromebook handled everything very smoothly.

If we talk about a premium quality lightweight laptop that boots fast and runs over 8 hours on battery, we are talking about $1000+ price range, HP Chromebook 14 gives you all that in less than half of that price.

So, whether Chrome OS is suitable for your needs or not, it’s up to you do decide, but if you are looking for a really fast Laptop and will be working mostly inside a browser, and will be spending more time using it, HP Chromebook 14 is the most recommended Chromebook from our side because it gives you a little extra screen real estate with some comfortable typing for longer usage.

Key Specs of HP Chromebook 14


Screen Display14 inch display of 1366 X 768 pixels
Processor1.4 GHz Intel Celeron Dual Core (4th Gen)
OSChrome OS, 64bit
RAM / Internal Storage4GB RAM / 16 GB SSD
Web CameraHP TrueVision HD Webcam for Hangouts and other video conferencing
Slots1 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x HDMI Port, 1 x Headphone/Microphone Combo Jack
Battery4 cell / 8-9 Hours of Work time



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Open Google Drive Files Directly in Desktop Applications


Almost every one of us does most of their day to day computing inside a browser. That’s why cloud computing is becoming more popular, as we can access our files from anywhere in the world.

However, we still would like to put our locally installed software to some use by editing and modifying the files we save in the cloud.

Dropbox is more in-line with such kind of workflow. But if you use Google Drive to save all your files, the good news is that it is now possible to open the saved files with the apps you have installed on your PC.

You don’t have to worry about converting the file to make it compatible, as it’s all done by Google. So, now you can open Word files in Microsoft Word, Photos, and other imaginary in heavy software like Adobe Photoshop.

It was one reason I didn’t put all my files in Google Drive and relied on workarounds to open Google Docs files in Microsoft office.

Google has been promoting cloud computing and has even launched Chrome OS, which helps people do everything right inside a browser; it is good to see that Google still cares for people who use other OS and wants to make their lives easy.

How to get started?

Install the latest version of the Drive app for Mac or PC and sync your files. Then, visit Google Drive in your Chrome browser (make sure you’re on the new Google Drive).

Finally, right-click on the file and select “Open with” to see a list of compatible applications on your computer that can open it.

For example, you can open a PDF file with Adobe Reader or a .psd with Photoshop, make your edits and save back changes to Drive, which will sync across all your devices and other collaborators.